If the shoe fits…

We bought Bea her first pair of shoes at 11 months… I wouldn’t have bothered but it was summery weather (now a distant memory!) and she was walking a lot holding our hands around the garden, so I wanted her feet protected. It was a tough decision though, as you may know babies feet are still developing, so they should be out of shoes as much as possible. We figured it would just be brief spells so decided to go ahead. She then started walking around her first birthday and shortly after started nursery, where they have to wear shoes to go outside and often inside too. That first pretty pair, from Clarks naturally, are quickly getting worn out so I’m starting to think about autumn/winter footwear for walks in the park, puddle jumping (wellies I think!) and playing outside.

The problem is, its really hard to find nice children’s shoes. I like her to look half presentable so something that goes with everything is ideal, but I’m not compromising on fit for fashion. Bea’s feet are a tiny size 2F so shopping in the likes of the high street stores like M&S isn’t an option as they don’t seem to go below size 4. Added to all of that, a neighbour of ours who used to work for NIKE happened to tell us that NIKE spend more on research in a year into children’s foot development than Clarks turn over as a company in the same year. Which makes me think we’ll be adding some cute trainers to the collection.

I’d love to hear if you guys have discovered any ‘proper’ shoes that are safe and stylish around the internet or high street, suitable for first steps and tiny feet. Please do share!


PS! Feeling a bit rubbish today? This will cheer you up 😉

April in Instagrams…

I thought I’d switch up the format of this monthly post and I’m grouping together things by type so you can see the stuff you’re interested in… enjoy 🙂

The garden bloomed this month and it’s so good to see it all come alive – often for the first time as this is our first spring in this house.

I got into maternity dressing and hopefully managed to keep some of my signature style…

The cats seemed to spend all month stretching on the carpet in various sun patches whilst I enjoyed afternoon tea at the Lowry and Pete really bonded with baby kicking. 🙂

This month goes down in history as the-month-we-got-back-into-our-bedroom. There’s a long way to go with finishing touches but I love it already.

And just as one hell hole gets cleaned up, another one opens… our cellar makeshift kitchen and kitchen work is well underway. The cats continued to snooze through it all of course.

How was your April readers?


My Instagram Month: February

Hey guys!

First today I wanted to thank you all for the lovely messages yesterday. It’s been so exciting reading your comments and realising how many of us are expecting together! I won’t be over running the blog with baby stuff but it will be lovely to hear your thoughts and advice.

As I’ve kept so much of my life to myself over the last few months I wanted to get back to the monthly round ups. As always you can follow along daily on Instagram here.

  • We started off the month as has become tradition, at The Drawing Room. (See my review here.)
  • I’m so happy that the mornings (and nights) are getting lighter.
  • I’m obsessed with the macaroni cheese at my new favourite local restaurant, The Laundrette.
  • We stopped at Baileys while we were in Wales and once again bought almost nothing!
  • A spring fling with yellow fashion
  • I’m still reminiscing about our old house and shared the downstairs tour with you here.
  • Neon pink wool for baby craft projects!
  • Francesca’s best brownie batch yet.
  • Work started on our bedroom a couple of weeks ago and we had the wall knocked through to the bedroom and the walls have been skimmed and are drying as I type. Roll on the decorating!
  • I’ve been getting back into lipstick with some old favourites (MAC creme sheen in ‘lickable’) and the H&M lip crayon I reviewed last week.
  • Last weekend I went to Chester for a Spa hen party and it was the best thing ever. So relaxing and made me realise I needed to make time to do it again before the baby arrives!

I hope you have had a great February? I’ll be back next week with more baby talk and the usual FF style and substance 😉


#JanuaryJoy: Have a social media sort out

Image Credit

Todays prompt is one that I have never really approved of, but the last few months I have really gotten to thinking about social media and how I use it. For example, for some reason, I have found myself on Facebook more recently than I have done for a long time and my conclusion is that I would dearly love to just get rid of it all together. I have 247 friends on Facebook which is a pretty conservative number I think, mainly because I refuse to add everyone who asks me or that I have come into fleeting contact with. Despite this policy, there are still tons of people on there that I barely know. You might be wondering why I keep it at all and there are 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s the only method via which I keep in touch with some friends – the message facility is so convenient and I would miss out socially without it. Secondly, I have to have a personal account to have a business account, i.e. for Florence Finds.

Most of the time when people complain about social media (this is something I hear a lot about Twitter for example,) is that they sap the joy out of you and leave you feeling inadequate. I don’t get that with Twitter, but I do find that the type of status updates people post on Facebook are enough to leave me feeling bored and depressed. All I want from FB is to see how people are doing (i.e. happy life news) and to see their holiday photo’s! One story that has always stuck with me is that of Sam. She told me how she and her husband used to spend time on Facebook instead of actually talking to each other or having real interactions with friends. They agreed to close their accounts and sent all their friends message with their address and phone number, encouraging them to call or pop by next time they missed ‘poking’ them on Facebook, for a real-life holiday photo reel. Of course, they found out who their friends are, but is that a bad thing?

When it comes to Twitter, I’m pretty happy. Because I started my Twitter account for the blog, I have always applied different rules to it. I follow people I am personally friends with and would chat to day to day, some brands, (although not that many,) and I use it a bit like a Google reader type tool, by following bloggers that I read infrequently but want to be reminded of from time to time. As a result I’m seldom bored by my feed and as I read recently via the great communications expert Liene Stevens, ‘If you’re bored of your Twitter feed, who’s fault is that?’ I always used to feel that people who cleared out their Twitter were unnecessarily cruel (not helped by my being signed up to Qwitter, so I know exactly who unfollows me!) but in actual fact, for business or blogging it’s always better to have 10 followers who read and engage with what you are saying than 100 with only a few that do.

My favourite social media though has to be Instagram. I LOVE seeing inspirational photos from other peoples lives and glimpses of different places all around the world. I follow my friends on Instagram and stylish people and bloggers worldwide, and I endeavour to provide the same on my feed, without too much of the mundane. I use it as a way of showing the real life behind the blog, and I guess thats what I want from it too.

So, I have decided I’ll be having a Facebook clear out, watch this space. I’m intrigued to hear your thoughts on social media and whether you feel you should have a clear out. Have you done it? Did you feel better for it? Are you done with Facebook?


Goodbye November…

It’s time for my Instagram round up and although I haven’t done one every single month recently, with advent coming and Christmas and December, it felt like this month needed rounding off. I’m excited for everything that December brings already!

  • I started off the month in Glasgow at ODP2 catching up with so many girls from blogland and attending Bex‘s epic Halloween party, (check out her outfit!) whilst getting a tour of Roz’s epic house.
  • I finished Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour
  • …shopped Ikea for the perfect Kitchen, and may have found it.
  • I dug out my old berry lip stains for Autumn lips
  • And got to work on this old dresser for a makeover that I’m sharing next week on FF
  • Some new purchases for lips from the & Other Stories beauty counter and a gold and navy nail art mani to jazz up the gloomy long winter nights.
  • We finally got our album back for our wedding (after being very tardy submitting our photo choices,) and it was so lovely to reminisce. 🙂
  • I went to see Jake Bugg with Becky Hay and finally unpacked the last box of glassware which I had been keeping to one side safe, all into my favourite piece of furniture, this Oak server unit.
  • A new Whistles dress for the weekend and last Sunday’s long walk amongst the gorgeous leaves. They are so bright and beautiful this year!
  • And finally, choosing curtain material, for our bedroom and the dining room – we might get them before Christmas!

How was November for you readers? Did you go anywhere or do anything special? Or are you’ll over December already?!


Monday Must Have: Everlapse

Recently life seems to have been flying past me, I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got some kind of big life event on like moving house! Despite that I managed to spot this on Twitter, (via DesignMom) and thought it was worth sharing.

Everlapse is a nifty little app that creates a highlights reel of your 20 most liked Instagram snaps (that’s what you can see up there at the top of this post) that you can share across social media, via email or embed as I have done on the blog.

Where it comes into it’s own however is the way you can download the actual Everlapse app (the above trick is done by signing in online via Instagram) and then create your own showreels. As a blogger I quite fancied doing this for my next monthly round up – it’s quick easy and a little bit more fun than a static image, although I guess it may have issues for those with slower connections. You can embed the reels you make via the app to a website, or share them on twitter. For now, if you’re not a blogger and want this for personal use, I can see it lending itself really well to making showreels of perhaps a monthly baby shot to post on facebook for a baby birthday, or maybe anything your want to show the progress of, a diy project or decorating job?

What do you think readers? Go and have a litle play!


My Month: August

This month has flown by, faster than any other month this year. Perhaps it was how full it was – we went to CarFest one weekend then away for a week in Cornwall. Or perhaps it was the countdown to Jess & Dan’s wedding which is now only 2 days away. Either way, there hasn’t been a moment for reflection so I’m enjoying looking back at my last days of summer before the new season starts next week.

  • The shorts I haven’t had off all summer
  • Summer time gin-drinking
  • Healthy alfresco eating
  • Beautiful evening clouds
  • Making paper poms for the wedding
  • The spare room coming together with hints of coral.
  • Our view from the house in Bude that we stayed at
  • Clifftop and beachfront walks on the north Cornwall coastal path
  • Bodyboarding with Pete
  • A day out in Padstow (more to come!)
  • Dressing for dinner in coral and peach
  • The perfect bank holiday lie in…
  • Sweet Peas from the allotment
  • My favourite summer shirt (from Monsoon)
  • A rare moment of peace on holiday, enjoying the sunset on the beach.

How was your August readers?


My Month: July

I realised as the weather turned that we had a whole month, give or take, of glorious, hot weather. Pretty incredible for the UK and finally we can stop saying that we ‘deserve a summer after the last few’. As a result my Instagram is littered with sunny summer snaps amongst the many summer social gatherings I’ve been dashing between. Here’s a little peek into my day to day this month…

  • Chilling at a pool party in Cambridge.
  • Officially starting my new job.
  • Rocking a flower Crown on Jessica’s hen party in Bath, not to mention the temporary tattoo I temporarily fell in love with.
  • My new chest of drawers and a (cheap) new favourite summer nail shade.
  • Enjoying the chance to eat alfresco (that’s one thing ticked off!) on balmy summer nights, too many G&T’s, homemade mango and yogurt lollies, and raspberries from the allotment.
  • A tour of my bedroom.
  • Walks in the woods at dusk.
  • A new favourite summer dress and eating as many peaches as I can get my hands on.
  • Cooking raspberry and dark chocolate brownies from the Yeo Valley Cookbook.
  • The best memories – photobooth fun from Artisan in Manchester
  • And the only wet weekend this month was the one in which I found myself in a tent. Still, there’s nothing like being snug in a tent and listening to the rain fall… 🙂

How was your July readers?


My Month: June

We’ve only got one blog day left until we enter the second half of the year on Monday so it’s time to revisit my month on Instagram. Don’t forget you can get a little peek behind the scenes by following me on Instagram right here or search my user name Rebecca_Norris.

  • Perfecting the curls for a summer ball we attended a couple of weeks ago.
  • Pretty piles of jewellery on my dressing table.
  • Starting to make the back garden more like an outdoor room, along with my new succulent for the outside table.
  • Trying the crop top trend (Never say never!)
  • One of my David Austin Roses (which I wrote about last year here.)
  • A picture of my Dad, sister and I that I posted on fathers day (Spain, 1987)
  • My 1946 Vintage pinup Astrology print, (Aries of course!) picked up at a new local salvage and vintage shop on Beech Road, along with this fab pair of Globe Trotter suitcases.
  • Asos foil tiger tee (now in the sale) and my Yellow coat making outings again the the too-cold-for-June weather, Gap trousers (also in Sale) and M&S Limited embellished collar shirt, (End of Season Sale now on)
  • Walking in Sale Water park enjoying the lush summer greenery.
  • Trying out the blue scheme for my spare room overhaul.
  • I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – are you in it with me? (Day 11 and counting… full review to follow.)
  • Healthy breakfast smoothies
  • Starting work on the new spare room curtains, and getting some unrequested help too(!)

Don’t forget to tell me what you have been up to in June and what’s happening in July!


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