Friday Frock O’clock

Another Friday, another perfect summer frock… 🙂


This weekend I’m taking Pete to CarFest – he is obsessed with cars, old and new, so it was a good birthday present for him when I was stuck earlier in the year. I’m looking forward to watching The Feeling in the evening and eating lots of festival food. So when I spotted this dress, I had festival style on my mind and I can’t think of anything more perfect to wear with boots or wellies, a throw on raincoat and cross body bag. I love the ikat-esque print and blue is a real staple in my wardrobe, all for under £30!

What are you doing this weekend readers? I hope you’re planning a good one wherever you are.


Spotted: Piles of Pillows

Right now, I’m in the process of re-vamping 3 different spaces in my home. The sofa, the garden and the spare room. Integral to all three are the cushions I’m choosing and as a result I’ve been like an eagle eyed hawk, searching in home stores and online for the pick of the bunch.

In the living room, we have spent 6 years now with the cushions that came with our sofa. I love them, but to my astonishment they are starting to show the wear they have had and are going threadbare at the corners. Cue my final push towards creating a more eclectic look for the sofa with a mismatched collection of patterns and prints. To keep it cohesive I’m sticking to a main colour palette of blues, with a strong lean towards a global feel, plus the ongoing search for my favourite ikat print. Here are my picks:

Ombre dye and ikat print, Matalan £6 each // Fringed Javadi Pillow, Anthropologie £88 // Both striped and embroidered cushion, John Lewis, £25-35

Aside from my Matalan bargain finds are a wealth of ikat cushions on One piece of advice if you want to avoid high import duties is to find a UK supplier selling on Etsy and there are several offering ikat designs.

Cushions from: IkatSuzanicom, CoupleHome, and Yastik on Etsy.

The second area I’m looking at is the garden. We have a tiny garden but I’m really keen to make it more of an ‘outdoor room’, with comfort and style taking precedence, (perhaps over practicality.) We have a beautiful garden bench that was a wedding gift from my mum which has been relocated and I want to add some garden cushions for comfort. As it’a brick walled garden and the bench is iron, I’m going for a french theme and these are my favourite cushions for the space.

French burlap, JolieMarche on Etsy £23 // Paris Cushion, Next £14 // Linen sacking prints, £7-13, Paisley Velvet £10, both H&M // French print linen cushion, £22

Lastly, when it comes to getting that eclectic, ‘artfully arranged’ look, you can end up with more of a mess than a mismatch, so I highly recommend watching this video by Emily Henderson. Emily is an interior designer and TV stylist and the video shows how to combine patterns and prints successfully.

It is super useful if you’re a bit pattern shy 🙂

Happy Monday readers – have you spotted any great cuschions recently?


PS. IF you want to see more of my cushion and curtain finds and favourites, follow my Cushions and Curtains Pinterest board!

Decor Updates

After spending a not inconsiderable amount of time just over a year ago painting our lounge and dining room in a sophisticated grey and white scheme, I’ve been fighting the urge to put a ton of colour back into the rooms. Over the last year I’ve just about come to terms with the fact that in actual fact, I just prefer colour and have come full circle again, having previously erased it from several areas of our house, save for the odd subtle splash.

When I last shared the living room, I had made a couple of updates since the renovation, but was holding out for the perfect accessories and I don’t believe you can buy those things in bulk, so it was still looking a little empty. We also still had a couple of accents from the old scheme; a union jack cushion that I was more than a little tired of and a red spot throw – both previously used to tie the lounge to the red wallpaper in the adjoining dining room, pre-renovation.

Since then I’ve slowly been acquiring new additions. The first item to be added ended up forming the backbone of the scheme – a huge pink flamingo watercolour that I fell in love with on Etsy. One installed over the mantelpiece I was a little un-nerved by the beady eye staring back at me, but now I love the almost Palm Springs vibe it offers. That along with a salvaged yellow ceramic bird, cemented the bright scheme I was going for.

I’m loving ikat prints right now and had my heart set on an ikat print cushion but despite them being ubiquitous on the American blogs they don’t seem to have filtered over here as yet, then I stumbled on this ikat inspired cushion in the John Lewis sale at Christmas.

I wanted an ikat or geometric blue blanket to replace the old red spot one too, but again searched high and low without success. This Frome wool blanket was the closest thing I could find to what I had in mind but was rather expensive, then in a local shop I spotted a block colour checked blanket in fuchsia pink, grey and purple. Although unsure about the purple, I went well with our room and was a bit of a snip at £40 so I snapped it up.

My final and most recent purchase was a chance finding a couple of weekends ago in Lincoln on a hen do, where I spotted a Russian Doll shop. Full of bright and colourful little dolls lined up I felt they made the perfect addition to my mantle and now it’s feeling much more finished.

I’m so happy with how the room is evolving. All that remains is to replace the vintage/salvage prints behind the sofa with a collection of more tonal artworks, which I have already started with a photographic print of surfers by Ian Baguskas from 20×200. I plan to finally get some photos printed from a couple of shoots we have had done along with some Etsy prints.

Let me know what you think readers! I do hope you like it 🙂


Before/Afters: Our living room renovation and the dining room.

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