The Fash Flash: Your Holiday Wardrobe

Before my recent holiday to South Africa I found I needed to stock up on a few things and although I was looking for a few treats and a few necessary items, I realised a lot of them formed the backbone of the holiday essentials everyone needs, so I thought I’d share them here. This trip was varied with fancy restaurants and hiking in one, had the possibility of unpredictable weather, and of course, I wanted to look half decent without buying things I would never wear again. Here are my solutions…

The Bikini: Not having splashed out last year due to poor weather it was high time I picked up some new swimwear. I bought a Florence Oversize Frill Bandeau bikini in this neon coral and blue flower print, with frilled bottoms, but Accessorize have a great range of Missoni or J.Crew-esque zig zag prints or stripes too.

The pick-me-up lipstick: Remember me saying I wanted an orange-red lipstick? This one appealed because it was more of a sheen, lighter for sunny days on holiday, but also non-staining so I wouldn’t look odd after it wore off or even the next day.

The go-everywhere dress: I wore it belted, loose, with and without heels. Great investment. Second Female, Guess Dress, Atterley Road. Expect a wear-it-two-ways coming soon.

The seasonal flats: Another thing I didn’t update last year as they simply didn’t wear out. I went for on-trend metallic look silver for a change from my usual gold styles, from Topshop.

The perfect Orange-Red nail polish: Essie Meet Me at Sunset.

The travelling bag: A cross body bag in the softest grey leather, which took me from plane (roomy enough for all my essentials,) to beach, to town and beyond. I didnt worry about it being slung in the overhead locker, or by my feet in the car and it was comfortable. Although not cheap, It was simple and perfectly my style so worth the investment as my summer go-everywhere tote.

The showerproof jacket: Knowing the weather would be temperamental and I may well get wet, I bought this sunny and cheap Coated Cotton Parka from ASOS. I found out it wasn’t ‘waterproof’ in a downpour, but to be honest I don’t think much is without buying all-weather gear and I wanted something that would work in spring showers at home too. It did the job and kept me warm enough on many an evening trip out to restaurants etc when cooler weather descended.

The essential scarf: I have never invested in a quality scarf and ordered this thinking I would choose a cheaper alternative I had sen. When it came to it, the print and wool/silk mix made the quality well worth the price and I wore it non-stop for the first 4-5 days of our holiday when the weather was cooler as well as on the plane to sleep and wrap up, then later on safari. Mynuka Peacock Printed Scarf (in blue/grey), Atterley Road

Things I didn’t buy but always take with me.
1. A pair of casual trainers. I dislike planning activities ahead but like to be prepared so I always take a pair of lace ups for comfort and safety when walking up waterfalls, hiking through forests, or walking Cheetah’s 😉
2. A Hat. I forgot mine, but sorely missed my foldable straw number to keep the sun off my face on the beach and around.

So readers, will you be making any pre-holiday investments this year and do you have any must have’s for travelling?


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