A Modern Halloween

As much as I love pumpkin carving and fun halloween festivities (you can see the kind of pumpkins I carve here,) this year I have been hankering after something a bit more modern and in keeping with my usual decor. That way, I can use it as Autumnal decor for a little longer than the usual halloween week. I thought I would round up some ideas I have seen for different pumpkins and see what you guys are doing.

Owl Pumpkin // Mini-pumpkins as candle holders // Double dipped pumpkin // Gilded place cards // Chalk paint pumpkins // Gold glitter pumpkin candle holders // White vase pumpkin

So what do you think readers? Will you be carving a pumpkin this year or have I persuaded you to try something different?


Snapshots: A Different Kind of Halloween…

This Halloween I’m in Florida, which whilst not being the most typical of backdrops to a traditionally cold and dark celebration, what with the crystal clear blue skies and swaying palm trees, is actually pretty cool – the Americans really embrace this particular celebration.

As it’s Halloween today I thought I would share a few pictures from the most surprisingly Halloween-y stop we’ve had so far – at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando. It’s strangely the second time I’ve been in Disney at Halloween (I was there a few years ago in Paris for my Mum’s Birthday in October) and was impressed with the extent of the decor then. We also took full advantage of the more Halloween appropriate aspects of the park too 😉

Pumpkins greeting us at the Main Street entrance and Halloween garlands on the buildings…

Old town Halloween appropriate signage.

Disney Pumpkins on every street lamp…

Halloween paraphernalia and a headstone I spotted in the entrance to the Haunted mansion ride and couldn’t resist snapping. 😉

A chilling (but fun) tombstone…

Pumpkins decorating every surface.

Even Sleeping Beauty’s Castle got a spooky make-over…

Happy Halloween readers!


Friday Frock O’clock [Halloween Edition]

It’s only 5 more sleeps to Halloween and in honour of one of my favourite celebrations (or should I say ‘frights’,) I just had to choose a Halloween appropriate frock.

Etta Dress, Reiss – £195

Those of you who follow Florence Finds on Facebook will have seen that I was originally thinking that todays frock would be black (of course,) and either lace and gothic or sparkly and vamp-ish. However, when I clapped eyes on this number all I could think of was the Wicked Witch of the West and the Emerald city. In Emerald green sequins and with a Navy tulle overlay this is the perfect halloween dress (red glitter shoes, green facepaint and a witches hat optional,) that will also work all through the party season.

This Friday, share your Halloween outfits (I’d love you to tweet me them @florencefinds, or on Instagram @Rebecca_Norris) and I’ll share them on Facebook, or show-and-tell your pumpkins and Halloween decor. Do you celebrate Halloween and what are you doing this year?


DIY Project – Pumpkin Carving

This afternoon’s post is a project. One that I hope you’re all going to have a lot of fun doing!

Yesterday, I asked you what your Halloweens consisted of. Mine were always the same. We used to carve the pumpkin, then do apple bobbing, usually whilst wearing witches hats and cackling a lot. You know, it’s the small things, right?! 😉

However, one Christmas, I got sent a pumpkin carving kit from some relatives in America. It contained a little saw and scoop and several patterns to use like a stencil. The results were impressive and pumpkins have never been the same since! Although I’ve long since lost the kit I decided to try and recreate the effect myself this year with stuff I had at home and a pumpkin carving download.

You can find some pumpkin carving freebies herehere and here. I chose a bat silhouetted against the moon.

Now let’s get started!

What you will need…
A pumpkin – mine was £2.50 for a large one from Morrisons. (You need a decent sized one or the stencil won’t fit – it might be an idea to take your print out shopping and check!)
A big metal spoon to scoop out the insides and a big spoon (I used a serving spoon)
Your stencil, (see above.)
Something sharp to poke holes through the stencil – a cocktail stick worked for me but I eventually used a handle for corn on the cob. An olive pick would be just as good or skewer.
A small sharp knife, (take care!)
Pins or sellotape.

Preparing your pumpkin…
First off, cut a lid out of the tip of your pumpkin. I made mine zig-zaggy, but it can be any shape, just try to angle the incision rather than poking the knife in at 90 degrees, because then you create a lip for the lid to sit on too.

Ease the lid off after cutting through thoroughly and start scraping the contents off the lid and then from inside the pumpkin. Tip them out and keep going until the inside is smooth and flat with no dangling bits.

Starting your carving…
Pin your stencil flat to the best side of the pumpkin, (usually a flatter area is easier to do.) You may need to make cuts in the corners of the stencil and overlap the pieces to make it ‘wrap’ around the pumpkin.
Now using your sharp implement, poke holes along the lines of your stencil outline. Work your way around slowly, taking care not to miss any bits.

Now remove the stencil and you will see the pattern marked in dots to guide your cutting.
Very carefully start cutting the pattern out, following the dots. This gets more difficult in corners and curved areas so take care not to cut yourself, or a vital piece of the pattern!
I tend to push the pieces out a bit at a time, or push them back in to the pumpkin.
You might want to tidy the pieces up or straighten the angle you have cut the pieces out at, once you have finished.

All you have to do now, is add a tea light, pop the lid on, light it and enjoy!

Et Voila! A very grown up and stylish bit of Halloween fun!

Now you know there’s more to pumpkins than triangle eyes and zig zag mouths, have we inspired you to try something more adventurous? Drop me a comment if it’s a yes and tweet a picture of your creations to @florencefinds or pop a link on Florence’s Facebook page!


Halloween Inspiration

Good afternoon readers!

I feel like I’ve had so much to say about Autumn already! It really is one of my favourite times of year. I never want to go on holiday between October and New Year because it’s just one celebration (read ‘excuse for a party’) after another. There’s that back-to-school feeling, the leaves turning and crisp autumn walks, the first frosts and Halloween!

I love Halloween, and although not many people celebrate it much over here in the UK, I couldn’t resist putting some spooky ideas together for those of you who might want to! I’ve seen some really cool bits and pieces this year for decor, food and even nails!

  • Are you the crafty type? Try this DIY Halloween wreath from All Things Simple and decorate for pence.
  • I love this food table with Pumpkin Balloons from Martha Stewart, perfect for a lower key (UK style) Halloween get together
  • These are just awesome… Shrunken heads in Cider via Martha Stewart
  • I’m really wanting a bit of cobweb nail art after seeing some Sally Hansen cobweb nail stickers that sadly aren’t available here. How about giving a nod to the trend with these dark talons for a bit of Halloween style.
  • Rats in the house? I often think US Halloween decor takes over somewhat but loved this simple and tasteful(!) halloween decor for your home from Martha Stewart
  • Or how about ghostly decor for a haunted house – Country Living
  • Most Halloween food is plain wrong but I think these are super cool – amazing for a party! Lychee and Grape Eyeball Martinis – Martha Stewart
  • Got little ones to entertain? Try this halloween kids DIY (via Oh So Lovely) by KatieCupcake
  • And lastly… looking for some costume ideas for fright night? A tutorial on fun frizz for your Halloween costumes… via The Beauty Department


So now it’s over to you. I want to hear if you celebrate Halloween, if you bother with a pumpkin or if (lucky you!) you’re going to a party or dressing up this weekend!

Lots of ghoulish love,

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