Real Rooms: A Modern Animals Nursery

I’m a bit embarrassed that Bea is over 6 months old now and I have only just managed to finish the photos of her nursery. (I’m sure those of you with children won’t be surprised!) 😉 We finished the nursery before Bea was born as, of course, we had opened the envelope! Interestingly, before we knew whether we were having a boy or girl, I was convinced it wouldn’t influence my choice of nursery and that I wanted brights. Initially I veered towards this Sian Elin wallpaper, then I felt it was too much for the space and found this incredible animal wallpaper. Once I had a neutral backdrop I couldn’t resist a shot of bold pink to add colour to the room and the room progressed from there. I hope you like it!

That amazing wallpaper is from Beware the Moon – an independent wallpaper designer I found online. It features 51 different animals from the tropical to farmyard, all hand drawn in pencil. It really is a work of art and the neutral palette makes it versatile for the future too. 😉 We papered one wall and colour matched the other 3 to the backdrop of the paper which is a chalky white.

Like so many of you, we chose the IKEA Hemmnes 8 drawer chest for all of our storage – nappies, bedding, clothes, it all goes in here. I chose a coral pink shade from our local trade paints shop and painted the chest myself in an eggshell finish, then diluted the colour with white eggshell for the 3 progressively lighter shades for the drawers. I used a gloss roller and it really was very easy. Then I chose Anthropologie knobs in shades of blue and mint to finish it off.

The table doubles as our changing station and I keep Bea’s changing things in the drawers, with a small tray of cotton wool and a bowl of water out on the top. The table lamp is from Dunelm and the changing mat cover is Aden+Anais. On the wall, my favourite animal, a baby Elephant from Sharon Montrose’s Animal Print Shop. That white bear is a Merrythoughts teddy that I had as a child and my mum bought the Histoire D’ours Classic Bear for Bea when she was born.

The mint green chair was a bargain from HomeSense (love that shop!) as I felt we really needed to temper the pink and I wanted somewhere to feed in peace if I needed to. In fact I don’t use it that much but on the occasions I have, I’ve been very pleased to have it. The knitted pouffe is also from Dunelm and unfortunately now out of stock. I also wanted to add in some gold to the room as my current obsession and this seemed the right corner, as the wall is very blank. I used large gold polka dot decals to create a confetti pattern, from Etsy of course. The geometric cushion is Conran at M&S and the throw over the chair back is Urban Outfitters.

I searched and searched for a cot I liked, having become obsessed with the Oeuf Sparrow but drawing the line at £600 for a cot! This cotbed was from John Lewis and similar in style. I know some people think cots should be cheap but I hope this one will see more than one baby and it’s the central piece of furniture in the room so I thought worth spending a bit more on. The patterned fitted sheet (so hard to find!) was from The White Company. I searched high and low for the perfect mobile (thinking about, but failing to make one,) and eventually chose this paper clouds mobile also from The White Company.

We also needed some storage and I wanted to be able to display pretty toys or books and for Bea to be able to get her own toys out (and put them away!) The remaining alcove was a funny width (66cm) but I found these ladder shelves at a great price from The Futon Company. We need to fix it to the wall before Bea is toddling!

I found this rug in Urban Outfitters again, as the floor needed something to soften it up and I loved the geometric grey pattern – and the price!

Lastly, the art came from Society6, my new favourite place for well price art for your home! I chose the ‘Be Brave’ print, a pink and grey fox with a gold nose and hung them with a letter B balanced on top of a ceramic hand and foot print we did when she was 1 week old.

So that’s it!

I hope you liked the tour! 😉 If you’d like to see more of the inspiration for the Nursery I’ve just made what was a secret Pinterest board, public. So feel free to have a look!

All the sources are listed below but do ask if you have any questions!


Animal Wallpaper, Beware the Moon
Mirror and Mint chair, HomeSense.
Chest of Drawers – IKEA
Knobs – Anthropologie
aden + anais Twinkle Changing Mat Cover
Baby Elephant print
Owl lamp, Dunelm
Gold polka dot wall decals (UK supplier) Etsy
Stockholm Cotbed, John Lewis
Paper Clouds mobile, The White Company
Star fitted cot sheet
Ladder shelf, The Futon Company
Rug (no longer in stock) Urban Outfitters
Art: Be Brave and Pink Fox, Society6.

Spotted: Party Feet

Today’s #FFFestiveFun prompt is ‘Sparkles’ and so it’s the perfect time to share the perfect shoe for your party feet!

Lyrics by Aaron Smith, Shoes from Marks & Spencer

They from M&S, they’re £35 and if you have ever fancied a pair of glitter heels but not wanted to splurge, then now’s the time. As an aside, they also have a very practical and on-trend block heel which will make them more comfortable and easier to walk in, if you happen to be out of practice like me. 😉


Renovation Ruminations: The Living Room

The longer we are in the house and the more I immerse myself in interiors inspiration, the more I’m finding the creative juices are flowing for our decoration plans. I’m really starting to gain a huge amount of respect for people who take on full house renovations as there is so much to think about beyond the paint colours. At the moment we’re just at the ‘getting quotes’ stage, to get a better idea of the funds we need in place for each room. As much as I would love to get on with the living room/lounge, we’re limited as it’s going to be another whopper of a room to do properly, as it needs amongst other things, new windows, the chimney breast knocking through so we can replace a salvaged fireplace, new flooring and potentially new furniture as the current sofa isn’t ideal for the space.

The perfect living space for me… but is ‘warm’ enough for winter?

Decoratively, my biggest concern and challenge is to make this room work both in summer and winter. I’ve been through two big phases of decor in the last house, initially going with an industrial ‘period’, (when I had red damask wallpaper in the cosy dining room and the vintage salvaged photos on the wall.) Then more recently I moved to wards lighter, brighter interiors. This time, I want some colour and some warmth that will lend itself towards long winter nights but I want that colour to work equally well with brighter colours for the summer.

Office space // Selina Lake // Formal living space

At the moment I’m hugely drawn towards moody blue interiors. Not anything as dark as navy but no coastal or country-ish lighter shades either. I’m looking for the perfect smokey blue, inspired by many of the Bluebellgray images I have seen online. (Fi the creator of Bluebellgray uses Pointer Blue from Farrow & Ball in her home.)

Bluebellgray via Bright Bazaar

I’ve also fallen in love with Bluebellgray‘s fabrics. Previously I thought they were a bit too floral for me, with such a summery vibe, but having seen the latest fabrics and some abstract patterns (Via Bright Bazaar,) I think they could work season-round with toning blue shades and splashes of my favourite yellows and pinks.

Fireplace // Light Fitting // Paint swatches, all Farrow & Ball // Sofa // Floral fabric Swatch and room set, BluebellGray via Bright Bazaar // Gold Table Nest, Zara Home // Gallery wall

We’re planning to source a salvaged Victorian white marble fireplace to restore into the room, which I’m hoping will really pop against the blue. Despite my infatuation with the blues, I’m going to try and balance it by only having it on one wall, and keeping the rest grey. Other ideas include a mix of furniture, something in the bay window like a window seat or pair of danish chairs, splashes of warm gold or brass and some way of including the TV amongst lots of art on a gallery wall so it doesn’t take over the room.

So what do you think readers? Have you got any ideas? I’m really enjoying sharing my plans here – it’s proving really useful to think through all the design elements before actually doing anything!


A Modern Halloween

As much as I love pumpkin carving and fun halloween festivities (you can see the kind of pumpkins I carve here,) this year I have been hankering after something a bit more modern and in keeping with my usual decor. That way, I can use it as Autumnal decor for a little longer than the usual halloween week. I thought I would round up some ideas I have seen for different pumpkins and see what you guys are doing.

Owl Pumpkin // Mini-pumpkins as candle holders // Double dipped pumpkin // Gilded place cards // Chalk paint pumpkins // Gold glitter pumpkin candle holders // White vase pumpkin

So what do you think readers? Will you be carving a pumpkin this year or have I persuaded you to try something different?


Triple Temptation: A Nest of Tables

Because we have a rather long sofa, I’ve noticed while we have had a stream of ‘new house viewing’ guests over in recent weeks that they can be lacking in somewhere to put a cup of tea. Rather than me having a heart attack over whether they’re going to kick over the tea at their feet onto the new carpet, I realised I’m in need of a nest of tables.

I always used to think that table nests were terribly old fashioned but there is so much vintage and retro influence in interiors at the moment that they feel very current and there are also lots of modern styles around.

1. Monocle nest of tables with mirror top – Zara Home £119 // 2. Content by Conran at John Lewis metallic circles nest £250 // 3. Glass Nest of tables, Zara Home £119

My preference is towards the glamour of gilded and mirrored styles or this round set from Content by Conran at John Lewis, which have been on my wishlist for a long time. The bonus has to be that you can style up your top table with a lamp and books etc and not have to move anything when you pull out one of the tables beneath for guests.

What do you think readers?


#JanuaryJoy – Make something crafty

Today’s post has been somewhat thwarted by the weather. Each #JanuaryJoy prompt was designed to get me to tackle some of the things I love spending time on but so often get overlooked for life’s mundane tasks. With all good intentions I had my craft supplies at the ready this weekend then was unable to get outside due to snow to do my spray painting and start today’s crafty experiment. But I thought I would share what I was planning anyway and make some suggestions for what you might embark upon.

Image Credit: Up in the Air Somewhere

If you have ever been on Pinterest, you must have seen this beautiful handmade gold stripe tray. Made by ceramics design store Up in the Air Somewhere on Etsy, it satisfies all my design lust and current love affair with rich glamorous gold. So I decided I would make my own.

Initially I planned to buy some clay and make its exact likeness, but not only is that time consuming, but it is also ripping off somebody else’s design. Whilst somebody may choose to do that in the privacy of their own home, I don’t want to encourage it here. I also wanted to keep the cost down, or I may as well buy the coveted ceramic tray, so I bought a simple (purple incidentally,) rectangular tray with handles cut out of the sides from Home Sense, (very similar in shape to this one.) I have worked with gold leaf before, so have a bit of a head start as it can be fiddly, but my plan is to spray paint the tray high gloss white and then tape on the striped pattern and gold leaf the exposed surface on the base of the tray’s interior before removing the tape to expose the pattern and sealing with a varnish.

If you fancy doing the same thing, a quick scout around the internet found me several tutorials of how other people have interpreted the design:

1. This one uses high shine gold tape to get the same effect
2. Use liquid leaf on a ceramic tray for an easy way of getting the glow of gold leaf.
3. The easiest way would be to use spray on gold paint like this (also simpler) design.
4. Or if you’re feeling wild, how about an animal print look?

Do you need a craft project?

Tell me, what will you be turning your hand to this January for a hit of creativity? Inspire me readers!


PS, I’m also planning on making initialed or monogrammed thank you cards with my embossing tool. 🙂

Monday Must-Have: Glitter heels

When I created the Monday Must-Have series, it was intended to showcase a single item or type of thing that was on my mind at the time of writing. Maybe seasonal, maybe just a good ‘find’, it’s more often than not something I’m coveting or searching out because, without sounding overly dramatic, my life doesnt feel complete without it. Perhaps a little extreme but never were a truer word spoken than about these shoes. 😉

If asked, I would never consider myself a ‘shoe person’ when pitted against bags for example, however occasionally a particular style or shoe gets right under my skin. Carvela’s Gold Glitter shoe had me at ‘glitter’ and at the end of last week they went into the sale. Now a much more palatable £75, Antibes will live in your wardrobe for years just waiting to pep up some jeans for a modern spin on party wear, or teamed with an old faithful LBD or colour block dress, will feel anything but boring.

They are my Monday absolutely-MUST-have. And aren’t they the best thing you have seen so far this morning?


Friday Frock O’clock

I  was pretty much blinded into featuring this dress by the beautiful flat embellishment across the front and sheer back detail, looking like some kind of ceremonial breast plate ready for war, fit for a modern day Boadicia. Preparing for a party isn’t quite going to war, but you do want to stand out and this dress will certainly do that for you.

I always think of French Connection as the go-to store for embellished items, however, if you can’t afford the expense of their clothes but love the look, Miss Selfridge is the place to go. I once saw a lady wearing a fabulous embellished jacket that I was sure must be vintage and asked her where it was from – it turned out to be Miss Selfridge and they have several incredible embellished jackets in at the moment at bargain prices considering the amount of beading. See them all here, under ‘cover-ups’.

I’d love a challenge if any of you are struggling with a party dress for the coming season – just drop me a comment in the box below with the specifics and I’ll see what I can do!


Friday Frock O’clock

Todays dress is an event dress for sure, but it’s also the kind of dress that people lust after and wish they could simply lounge around the house in because it is so darn glamorous. I imagine Annabel would wear it to one of her events, or perhaps the Any Other Woman team, after all it is in team colours. Myself, if there had been a second Love My Dress Soiree, as there was this time last year, I would be wearing this…

Peach embellished maxi dress- £150

The online store image doesn’t do her justice but oh my, look at the gorgeous press image. Just bohemian enough for summer and perfect for a wedding or fabulous party. Anybody thirty soon? Please buy it and rock it with a beaded clutch and some killer keels… or flats for that matter and an Ibiza/summer fields floral circlet headband.

You’re welcome readers.


[Bridal] Style Steal: Dune v Choo

Obviously, Florence Finds isn’t about weddings or bridal style, although there are lots of ideas here that you might want to incorporate into your big day, from beauty and hair to fashion. However, knowing that plenty of you reading are planning weddings or will in the future, when I saw this style steal I just had to share. And with Mahj’s wedding gracing Florence‘s pages, there couldn’t be a better time right?

One of the ever popular wedding shoe styles that I saw when I was working in the industry were a pair of Jimmy Choo platform heels. Metallic and super sparkly, they were neutral enough for bridal but infinitely wearable after the big day. Of course not everyone can afford a pair of Choos so when I saw this pair I thought of all those people. Here at Florence Finds, style is for everyone and you can get the look at a fraction of the price in Dune.

Dune – Bornio Metallic Platform court shoe £99
Jimmy Choo Clue – £395
(And the peep toes I mentioned above? Ailsa)

So there you have it, from me to you, a bridal style steal 🙂


PS Part 2 of Mahj’s wedding coming right up at 1.30pm!

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