Monday Must have: The outfit saver top.

There are a few things that I think everybody needs in their wardrobe. Items you will come back to time after time and save you from any sartorial dilemma. A great go-everywhere dress would be one of them, a pair of killer animal print heels and a black leather jacket but right up there on the list is a special white top.

I bought this one before my honeymoon and have worn it countless times since. It’s simple with just enough detail to elevate it slightly from a plain shell top and works equally well with a pair of jeans, as a statement skirt.

The reason it’s a wardrobe saver however is that it rescues so many other items that might otherwise never see the light of day. Being neutral it can be worn with any colour, and always works with those new printed trousers, or that bright skirt that you don’t have anything else to go with. Even better, if you have an interview, throw on a jacket and it looks polished too.

Having been on the look out for a replacement for a while, I spotted this one in Topshop a few weeks back and snapped it up. At a mere £40, the beading looks Jenny Packham worthy and the back detail is interesting without being overtly sexy. The only problem I had was finding a bra to work with it, and I ended up going for a multiway from M&S that worn strapless, had an adaptor that wound the back strap around my waist under the cutout back.

This one doesn’t work that well tucked in, hence me leaving it out, (because of the cut out,) but I wasn’t going to leave it there just for that reason. It’s going to be a real wardrobe workhorse and I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of it here. 😉

Have you got a favourite top that you wear again and again?


*Unfortunately this top is no longer available online, but if you happen to be pregnant – the maternity version is still around and a good investment I think to take you right through to the Christmas season, if you have that long to go!

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