Art Attack…

I’m always talking about how we never get around to finishing our rooms with real art on the walls and our Lounge, completed before Christmas is no exception. We partially remedied this with Pete’s birthday present to me, an Yvonne Coomber print, but there is still a large blank wall opposite the bay window and to the left of the sofa that looks very unloved. As the room already had a blue theme with a lot of jewel brights in it, choosing something has been tricky so I decoded to mock up a couple of ideas and I’d love to hear your thoughts…

One option would be to put up a single large piece, mirroring the other wall, but I’m not sure if that won’t look a bit odd. The wall, although it’s actually the narrower length of the room, looks long because of the radiator I think and it certainly needs a landscape print.

The other option would be to combine a few images. We are terrible at getting family photos printed out and I thoughts about combining some black and white prints with another print I spotted on Etsy from Clare Elsaesser. (The black and white images are of our bump shoot and Bea at 6 weeks by The Lawsons.) It’s just always difficult to choose images that don’t feel too personal or too ‘in your face’ for what is essentially a public space. I don’t want to do a more ‘gallery wall’ style of display as I think lots of pictures may look busy in here, in what is essentially a formal room and I have plans for one elsewhere downstairs.

What do you think readers? Any other ideas or suggestions?


Ways With Walls

Just recently I’ve been re-evaluating the look and feel I want for my home. Where I’ve kept the styling quite elegant by using symmetrical and formal arrangements of prints and artwork on the walls, I’m not thinking about curating a more eclectic look to the decor. Symmetry has its place and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the clean aesthetic it gives, it’s certainly the easier route, however, as I’m working on bringing more colour into my home, I’m thinking about creating a more casual feel with looser groupings with a cohesive style, maybe even bringing in more sculptural and textural wall art. All this lead to me doing a lot of pinning and then thinking that I might do a post on ways to hang your art. So here goes… my guide to expressing your creativity on your walls.

Keeping on the straight and narrow Occasionally, you might choose to display a set of prints or photographs all in the same sized frames. For a more formal look that can work in traditional or modern settings, creating a row of prints or an even a couple of rows makes a statement and lends a ‘finished’ look to a room.

1 // 2 (My living room.)

Different sizes lined up against a top or bottom edge If you’ve got a collection of art in similar frames but of different sizes, one idea is to line them all up along one edge when hanging them. It’s more usual to line them up along the bottom edge but there’s no rule that says you have to. Becky used the picture rail as a guide when she hung these certificates and diplomas up in her study, aligning them along the top edge.

1 // 2

Lining up along the bottom edge gives a similar look to these picture shelves which have the added bonus of flexibility – switch around the art to get a different feel seasonally or whenever the urge for change strikes!

Image Credit: Ideas to Steal Different sizes in a group

For a more casual and eclectic feel, why not bunch together a group of art in a random tessellating fashion on your wall. I love this look but it can be hard to pull off. My tip would be to unite your art one way or another. You could choose art in similar styles – a bunch of watercolours for example, or with a unifying colour theme. Provide interest by using a collection of different frames.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

However if your art has a more random feel, bring different styles together by using the same frames. I love Ribba frames from Ikea. in aluminium, classic black or white they come in a ton of different shapes ad sizes and are inexpensive. We used the black ones throughout our home.

Symmetrical pairings In certain situations a pair of pictures looks like just the finishing touch you need. Over a console table, in a hallway, alcove or above a bed for example a pair of prints, flanked by 2 lamps give a pleasing formal look that suits period homes and bedrooms.

Image Credit: HGTV

Hanging a low piece over a piece of furniture.
Sometimes the statement isn’t about making a group but about the position you hang a piece of art in. There’s no reason you can’t create the kind of vignette you see in magazine shoots and online but grouping a set of your decor elements together.

Console as bedside.

A side table with a lamp and collection of books, backed by a low hung complimentary piece can give your home that styled look we often crave.

A huge statement piece. A bold decorative choice can be hanging a single statement piece of artwork and it’s a look that I constantly admire in home tours you see in magazines and online.

Image Credit: Miss Moss I think the hardest thing in this case is finding the right piece – with such a statement it has to be something you really love and often you need the right proportions or position in your home to be able to display it effectively. There’s no point putting something of a grand scale in a room where you can never really stand back and get the perspective to appreciate it.

1 // 2

Small homes don’t necessarily need to avoid this look however, think of different perspectives like viewing the piece through a door way, in a mirror or looking down to a hallway from the landing for example.

So, tell me what you prefer when it comes to wall displays and which images have inspired you here….


Home Updates…

A little while back, my main decorating focus was the revamping of my open plan dining room and living room. When I shared them, they were a little sparse, having just been decorated and I was being rather fussy about putting all the tat I had cleared out back into the newly pristine rooms. As time has gone on, I’ve refined a few of my choices and finally have gotten around to doing some of the things I wanted to do, a mini room makeover.

So I have taken a few snap shots of my new additions to share with you all, I hope you enjoy them!

First up, additional wildlife. I’ve been loving the animal head trend I’ve seen all over Living Etc and lately in Graham and Green and Rockett St George, (FYI ours was NOT this expensive!) but I really dislike buying for the home online. I like to see things and inevitably the price of delivery (and therefore returns) is so much more costly, that I kept hanging back. Then the other day we saw this deer head in Dwell. (It is available online too.) I love the white – like the wood in the room it stands out crisply against the grey walls and we got to test out that it was the right size for the space we had in mind.

That was the first addition to my little reading corner. Before you all get all incredulous and think ‘how does she get time to read,‘ I don’t! But the club chair we bought with our sofa has always appeared so inviting. In fact we call it ‘Tabbys’ chair’ as she commandeers it daily. However, I have long lusted after a picture shelf to display books or photos on, whatever the mood dictates. We have one in our hall that is wooden and a more streamlined version of this one, both are from Ikea. I resisted this one for literally years because I felt it was too chunky and eventually caved because I wanted the project complete and really, I’m just out of ideas for an alternative. In the end, I think it looks great. We got the bigger size and cut it down, sanding and touching up the edges.

Now all I need is to get rid of that union jack cushion. I’m so over the ‘Rule Britannia’ interiors trend!

Into the dining room, I finally put up the collection of letters we have picked up around our travels. They used to litter the 2 rooms but I think they look better as a collection and the wood mixed with wire and metal letters seem to pick up the slightly more salvage-chic look of this room. Well, the look I’m working towards anyway. 😉

Lastly, I bought a display dome, then couldn’t get to grips with what to put in it! Everything was too big or too small and being in a bit of a dark corner, I felt it needed to be something bright so as not to get lost. I had ideas about getting one of these vases and maybe attaching some brightly coloured birds like these, I still might, but for now, I grabbed this cute little white ceramic toadstool pair in the Selfridges sale for £3! I’m having a real thing about ceramics, especially the white again popping against the grey or wooden backdrops in the room.

So I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my home again and like my mini room makeover. I still have things in mind to buy and add, I’ll keep you posted. Have you got any mini-projects on the go?


PS. Want to see the whole rooms, before and after? Lounge and Dining room here.

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