Funny Girl.

No ladies, (and gents?) we are not going to be talking about Barbara Streisand this afternoon, but funny women, and your take on them.

Barbara Streisand Funny Girl

For as long as I can remember, or at least since I have given any thought to the kind of attributes that make a woman attractive, I have wished I was funny. I would really love to be able to be constantly witty, albeit with a bit of an acerbic take on life, because that’s my sense of humour. Β At best I think my humour could be described as ‘dry’, possibly so dry that people don’t get it at all… and therefore I maintain that I am in fact secretly funny.

It’s ironic that I should start by talking about qualities that make women attractive because actually I mean people. I’m not talking sexually attractive, but ‘fun to be around’ kind of attractive and I don’t think I’ll be the only one of the women reading this who thinks that funny men are amongst the most attractive men out there, regardless of physical attributes. As my Mum would say, ‘the ones that make you laugh, make you cry!‘ I’m pretty fussy when it comes to men folk and they’ve got to be a pretty good all around package for me to take an interest (*ahem, that would be before Mr Norris came along of course! πŸ˜‰ ) but give me a funny man who makes me laugh and many other flaws will be forgiven.

But we’re not talking about men here and let’s not get distracted. Historically, ‘funny’ was never a female attribute and certainly not one that found itself amongst the list of attractive attributes. I’m no comedy afficionado ( – maybe I should start watching more comedy and build my personal repertoire?) but the female comedians I can list off the top of my head were typically known for their humour, rather than their looks.

And why is that?

Why do modern intelligent women prefer to be classed as pretty than funny, as beautiful rather than smart? I know I’d be super flattered to be told that I was funny, but would I prefer it to hearing that my hair looks fabulous today? Probably not!

Funny Girl poster

To me there’s nothing better than being funny for all the reasons above and more. Because making people laugh feels good, because I think good humour requires intelligence and it’s a more acceptable take (am I conforming by saying that?) on intelligent when meeting people than, hardcore political chat for example. Because I admire funny people, I have lots of lovely and hilarious friends that I love spending time with, and women who are confident enough to crack funnies and laugh out loud are usually very sexy in their self assurance.

I know my husband thinks it’s hilarious when I make jokes (not always because of the content you understand!) and I’m pretty sure modern men want interactive, intelligent women who can entertain them as much with their banter, as they do in the kitchen/bedroom. πŸ˜‰

So it got me thinking, what do you think about funny as ‘female attribute’? But more importantly what is the quality that you aspire to people thinking of you when they first meet you… Attractive? Intelligent? Well dressed?

Or do you just want to be a Funny Girl? πŸ™‚


PS – How cute is this little girl’s bedroom? – pink but interesting and I love the reminder to be funny πŸ™‚ Found on my Pinterest.

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