The perfect make up needs the perfect tools so I thought I would share the make up brushes I use for an every day face or a more glamorous look. It’s worth investing in brushes – if you look after them, they last for years and £14 here and £20 there feels like less of a splurge.


Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush.
I don’t wear foundation daily, applying a tinted moisturizer (if anything) with my fingers. I do however use this brush for applying cream blusher and blending it across my skin. When I want a full coverage for a night out, I use the other side to apply liquid foundation.

Bare Minerals Max Coverage Concealer brush.
Before this brush I always applied concealer with my fingers and found the result less than satisfactory. For an airbrushed look, I now use a skin matched concealer with this brush and very lightly buff it on – almost just tickling the surface with the brush at 90 degrees to the skin, for the most immaculate coverage. It’s also great for applying foundation or concealer to small areas like the under eye area or sides of the nose, where required.

MAC 217 shadow brush
This is meant for filling in the whole lid with a base shade before your other colours or shading. On a daily basis I’m lazy and tend to just use a neutral tone to even out my eye lids, but this brush works just as well with a darker shade, blending the edges out beautifully.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage brush
This was designed to be used with the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer. Applied in the same way I described above, it provides really full coverage without any of the caked on appearance. It also really stays put but that’s likely to be more to do with the product itself.

Ruby and Milly brow and lash tidy
I don’t think this is available anymore but most brands offer a similar brush. I use it mainly to brush through my brows in the morning (with the mascara wand-like end) and make them look a little more presentable, but it’s also useful to separate lashes before or between applications of mascara, for a really defined look.

Bare Minerals Blush Brush (Flawless Application Face brush)
Sold as a foundation brush, I use it for my blusher, or bronzer, finding it really soft and just the right shape.

Special occasions:

MAC 266 Small Angled Brush
I think this brush is my sister’s best friend and she is queen of the eye makeup. Perfect for lining the bottom lash line with a complimentary colour to your eye shadow or even using one of the shading colours to draw along the upper lash line, it allows a really precise finish.

Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush
This one is especially for BB gel liners. If I want a retro thick liquid liner look, I use this to create the perfect flick and line, either building up the thickness or using it front/side on for different widths.

Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner brush
Another special brush, I use this with the tightline cake eyeliner for a subtle but effective lash boost. After wetting the brush, I create a liquid liner by wetting the liner cake and coating the brush then looking up or straight forwards toward the mirror, push the end of the brush into the base of the lashes (from underneath them,) to create a full, thick look to the lashes and a subtle line.

MAC 228 Mini Shader Brush
When I’m creating a party or smokey eye, this is the brush I use to define the eye socket, and particularly to create a feline eye shape. It’s small enough to not take over the eyelid with the product it distributes and soft enough to blend too.

Powder applicator.
Not quite a brush, this is what I use to apply powder and really set my base for a special occasion like a wedding where I need my make up to go the distance. I use a loose powder, applying a light sprinkle to the pad, or dipping it and knocking off the excess. Then you rub the pad together on itself by folding it over in several directions working the powder into the pad. Finally, with fingers through the back of the pad’s loop, press the pad onto the skin, rolling it on and off, first along the t-zone then outwards for the perfect finish.

I hope you found this useful – as I’ve learned how important brushes are, I always wonder what has been used for a particular effect when I see a particularly beautiful makeup look. Have you got any must have brushes you can recommend readers?


Recommended: Bobbi Brown Make Over.

So, a couple of weekends ago, I went to Bobbi Brown with Jess, as it was her birthday and I thought I’d treat her to a make up session. I thought it would be a fun afternoon and get us both glammed up for the evening, and I also needed some new bits and pieces. As with most make up counters, the booking fee is redeemable against products purchased and it’s easy to treat yourself – I found out just how easy!

What started as a bit of a fun idea turned into a really interesting couple of hours (we had back to back 1 hour sessions) and a real insight into Bobbi Brown’s make up. I was already a fan, for several reasons, but sometimes tired of their ‘classic look’, the gel liner and colour pop cheeks, however flawless the skin. More recently however it seems there is always a new and interesting collection available which keeps things fresh in the beauty world, where collections tend to get released, sell out, then frustratingly hang around on the counter for months before something new replaces them.

I do tend to change my make up seasonally, to accommodate not just trends and my own style preferences but different skin tones throughout the year and occasions so I thought I’d share some of the lovely bits I discovered and the purchases I made. It’s worth noting that I was looking for some new things to freshen up my every day routine, although the make-over I had was party make-up.

It was so good I went back with my sister over this weekend, for a mini-eye makeover, prior to us hitting the town for my birthday – all the images in this post were taken at the Bobbi Brown counter in Selfridges, Manchester. The mini-makeovers are completely free.

So here’s what I bought!

1. I’ve long known the secret to flawless application of foundation is having the right tools and I recently switched to applying my liquid concealer with a brush, so it was time to branch out on the foundation front too with this foundation brush. I have a couple of Bobbi Brown brushes and this one is lovely.

2. I’m not usually one for foundation, getting by with tinted moisturisers and a touch of concealer. However sometimes you have a formal event to go to, or just have a bad skin day (or week) and need a bit more coverage. This Moisture Rich Foundation was recommended to me by the make up artist who did my face on my first visit along with a primer, and it was perfect for my long suffering parched skin.

3. Blusher is definitely my go-to make up item and I usually opt for a real colour pop bright, in pinks or coral tones, depending on the season. Sometimes though, I can’t help but feel it’s a bit ‘fake’ looking, after all do your cheeks really look like a victorian doll’s? It’s not very sophisticated or take-me-seriously for work. I completely fell in love with this shade of the Pot Rouge in a cream formulation that give a subtle flush of warm colour and definition to the cheek. I apply it with the brush above for blending.

4. Lastly, the lovely shimmer brick. A fan since Bobbi first released the original bronze, I’ve always wondered how to justify or indeed fit another shade into my make up bag and routine, but this one in Rose Gold dusted delicately where you would like the light to hit your face gives a real lit-from-within glow and radiance with subtle colour.

I have picked up a couple of other bits (one by one or as presents I hasten to add) but I’m going to save them for another day.

Tell me, have you got any Bobbi Brown products you can’t live without, or have you bought any new make up for spring lately?


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