What to Wear: Holiday layers…

Over the last few months it’s fair to say I’ve been working my way through new trends, trying them out and sharing them with you, along with making quite a few new purchases. However, come this time of year my spending habits tend to shift away from fashion, for a couple of reasons. Of course, the sales are looming and unless it’s a good quality basic or essential I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of, it feels foolish to splurge with the sales around the corner. This summer has been so poor, a lot of the high summer trends just aren’t worth attempting, (tropical prints in the rain anyone?) and before we know it the Autumn/Winter’12 trends will be filling the rails. As a result, I’m doing what any normal girl does, recycling. So you’re going to be seeing a few of the items I’ve already shared in different combinations or for different occasions over the coming weeks. I hope it inspires you to reconsider your classic items alongside this seasons new pieces and extends your wardrobe that bit further into the Autumn, a little like this print clash I shared earlier in the week.

This morning’s what-to-wear is a bit of an exercise in holiday versatility. I do enjoy honing a holiday wardrobe down to the bare, hardworking essentials but honestly, it’s not because I love planning outfits, it’s altogether more mundane than that. Firstly, I HATE washing when I get back from holiday. The only think worse is washing all the items that you didn’t wear or need. Secondly, I hate taking a huge case. Its a pain to lug about and who wants to go over the luggage limit? Particularly when there’s shopping to be done when you get there. 😉

Dress (seen as skirt) Zara // Jumper – Florence and Fred // Wedges (old) – Aldo // Bag – Mulberry //

So, although you have already seen today’s main items, this amazing £12 steal of a summer jumper from Florence and Fred at Tesco, layered over this digital print bodycon dress, from Zara. I just added a pair of casual wedge heels in tan leather and a metallic bag, keeping it neutral as there was already a lot going on with the skirt. A pearlescent skinny belt picked out the lilac in the skirt and toned with the jumper to give the top half some shape and smarted up the outfit.

I wore this on the first evening we arrived in San Francisco. I was tired and it was really quite windy but we wanted to make the most of the first evening and headed out to explore the Embarcadero. I knew I wouldn’t want to change again for dinner and we wanted something quite casual, but of course, it was the first night of holiday, so I wanted to look nice. As you do 😉

A good friend of mine does this all the time and I’m always inspired by the flexibility she gets out of her wardrobe by layering, so I was pretty pleased to pull it off with this outfit. Packing wise it’s a double score. The jumper got worn again for sight-seeing the next day and the dress came out for a night out in Vegas. And I had less washing when I got home 😉

Hope you like it readers, and it inspires you to look at how you can combine and get more out of your wardrobe…


What to Wear: Supermarket Style

No this is not a post about what I wear to the supermarket. That would be very boring indeed. Instead, it’s about supermarket fashion and this bright and spring-like coral loose weave jumper. The credit for ‘finding’ this item has to go to my mum, in fact I spotted it first on her very back and asked her to pick one up for me. It’s from none other than Florence and Fred at Tesco and it’s a bargain £12.

Given the weather we have had recently, I’ve been battling with pseudo-SAD and wishing the brighter warmer weather would come. In the meantime, the flattering shade of coral this jumper is in has been bringing virtual sunshine to my life. Facy a lipstick in a similar shade? Try my Maybelline colour shown here, Colour Sensational in ‘Pink Fizz’.

I like my knitwear on the sloppy side so (just as my Mum did, I got a bigger size, this one is a 14) and I’ve worn it none-stop. In the summer I think it’s going to look great belted over my pleated Carrie skirt or a pastel shirt, but for now it’s doing a great job in proving how versatile it is, bringing a pop of colour to my GAP khaki parka.

On this particular occasion it was perfect for a pub lunch and a stroll in the woods afterwards.

£12? I love it!


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