Friday Frock O’clock

Good afternoon ladies!

What a week, I feel like I need a lie down!

First though, your final bit of delicious style for the week and my chosen Friday Frock. This week, it’s from Whistles, firstly because I LOVE the Whistles wisteria print and am THRILLED that they have reworked it into a dress that is different to the signature Whistles style. I was ready for something fresh and different and this is it.

Secondly, I’m looking for a few frocks myself at the moment. I have not one, but two Florence Finds Afternoon Teas coming up, it’s my thirtieth in just over 6 weeks and I have a wedding to attend shortly after, so I’m pretty pleased to have found a solution to at least one, if not more of those!

And thirdly, the most important bit for all of you reading. It’s the biannual 25% off at Whistles discount in association with Grazia. Go out, pick yourself up a copy and get choosing your favourite pieces with a fabulous discount. Or shop online with by using the code WH20SS12. I wait for this one every season, so will be doing some serious damage this weekend!

I hope you have an equally fun time!


Spotted: Whistles SS12

It’s not a secret that I am a big fan of Whistles, and this season, I am loving the early press releases of their collections. Full of pieces that are easy to wear (read: loose shapes and chiffon pleats) there’s also a healthy dose of colour interspersed among the navy that I love.

First up, my key seasonal piece – the laser cut out leather top. You’ll be seeing a lot of this in the ad campaigns I suspect (ditto leather on the whole this season) and I think it’s one of those pieces that will go a long way in your wardrobe, seasonless and a style staple for years to come. Expect long waiting lists and sell out success.

Next, my favourite, the floral prints. I was a little underwhelmed by Whistles last season, mainly due to the lack of colour and as a big fan of brights my prayers have been answered. Although I’m not sure I’m brave enough to rock the tailoring in fuschia, the yellow print dress virtually has my name on it. Check out the sample of print here that translates into this fabulous jumpsuit too.

Your sartorial fashion crises solved for any summer formal events? The dresses. There’s not a season goes by without me buying a Whistles dress, although I have also been known where possible (and Whistles often do it) to buy the top and skirt in one print then wear together or separately, particularly when it comes to a more casual look. The jumpsuit featured here has been tipped for the top of the style charts but I am head over heels about the scallop edged cream dress. Come to Mama.

Lastly, global prints. Although I’ll admit when I first clocked these I wasn’t that keen, I’ve now scoured the collection images 3 or 4 times and each time I get more and more enamoured with the look. There is something very nonchalant about the shapes. Did I mention those sunglasses – chic.

I’m also loving the styling in these images. Often absorbed by the clothes themselves, I am actually kind of wishing I was the model in these shots with her grown-up look and simple style. All in all, Whistles SS12 is a winner for me..

What do you think readers? Are you a fan of Whistles or could this collection convert you?


Friday Frock O’Clock!

So, I’m introducing today a blog series idea gifted to me by Rachel at FlowersandStripes. The idea is, and I quote,

Every Friday about 4.30pm just as everyone wants the weekend to start, post a link to a favourite dress. Maybe one to buy, or just a glorious one from the past…

I think that’s a fabulous idea, (particularly as I have a real passion for dresses) so this week, because right about now I’m heading to meet a friend and getting ready for a night out in London Town, I’m posting the dress I will be wearing tonight.

*Image Credits here and here

Sadly it’s no longer available (sorry!) but it’s from Zara’s Summer collection and has been spotted on a number of celebrities already. I didn’t know that when I bought it until someone pointed it out and I felt very cool indeed!

I’m thinking I’m going to pair it with black tights due to the recent inclement weather, probably plain black patent heels and some super massive earrings. Why not?

Now it’s over to you, post a link in the comments box on what you will be wearing tonight, the last dress you bought or the one you’re lusting after. It can even be an iconic image of a classic from the past. I can’t wait to see what you all share!


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