Found: Flipboard for iPad and iPhone

A little while back, Vicky was kind enough to pop over and talk about he new iPhone 4S release with a very witty round up. Since then, I’ve been wanting to share one of my top finds with you, for blog browsing, Flipboard. Apologies to the Android users as I don’t know if there’s an android version, but it’s available for iPhone as well as iPad. (all images taken from my iPad)

As you can imagine, I read a lot of blogs and until I found Flipboard, I really hadn’t found anything that was great for following them all. I absolutely detest Google Reader (sorry Google, please don’t unleash your mighty wrath!) – the never ending lists just depress me and I don’t think it’s a particularly visual interface.

Flipboard basically arranges all of your feeds into an easy to use and visually pleasing (I’m a sucker for pictures) magazine-like app. When you open it up it does a slideshow of images posted recently in your twitter contacts, (above) then you swipe the page to flip over and see your feeds. Obviously you can have pages and pages of them if you like!

I like it because I’m such a visual person. I don’t keep up with all the feeds all of the time, but it means either, if I’ve been on it recently I can identify the new ones easily, or once I’ve tapped into particular feed, I can flick through and find where I left off easily by recognising the post images.

Once you ‘tap’ into any particular feed the lay out changes again, to a kind of magazine format which you can just turn the pages of by ‘swiping’ across. It’s great for skimming and seeing if there’s anything you want to read. Once you tap through to the actual post you want to see more of, you can then choose to view it in the web format if you wnat to see the whole blog and comment, or email it, tweet it etc.

I’d love to know how you follow the blogs you love – they have a habit of getting out of hand don’t they? Because I found Flipboard, I’ve never delved into Bloglovin’ and I don’t particularly like the RSS feed in my MAC mail either.

How do you keep up with the latest blog posts?


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