Found: Christys’ Nimbin Hat

When I headed off to California for a Road trip earlier in the year, I knew I was going to need a hat that would keep the sun off my face. Not only that but it had to do double duty, looking great in San Francisco city, not out of place in the National Parks and then also poolside in Vegas. Hats can be a bit of a packing nightmare, but this particular one is ‘crushable’, by heritage brand Christys’.

I’m still wearing mine in Florida now, by the pool and when I need some protection as we’re out and about. It has withstood packing and unpacking over 5 or 6 times now, each time being rolled, or if I’m feeling particularly good, stuffed. Each time, I simply shake it out and whilst it’s clearly not a ‘stiff’ hat, once on, the shape is just fine again.

If you’re looking for something similar, I’d highly recommend them. Called the Christys’ Nimbin trilby, you can find them on the Christys’ site.

Do you wear a hat on holiday?


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