Monday Must-Have: Limited Collection Owl Eye Palette

This mornings find is an absolute steal and manages to tick all the boxes, being both budget friendly, lovely enough to feel like a treat AND perfect for keeping you stylish. Tough call? Not for this eye palette from M&S Limited Collection.

Limited Collection Owl Eye Palette – Marks and Spencer

I always think about changing my cosmetic choices around this time of year, choosing warmer colours reflective of natures changing palette. I love golds, muddy greens and warm browns, all covered in this palette with a navy and black shade for creating smokey eyes. I love how cute this palette is too with little owls on the smart navy compact, (it would make a lovely present too, don’t you think?) and it will look as pretty on your dressing table or in your bag as the colours will on your lids. Everything you need for Autumn beauty for just £7.50.

Get yours fast readers!


PS! There’s 10% off until the end of today on ALL Marks and Spencer’s beauty products (not just M&S brands) and if you spend £15 you get a free travel skincare kit. Another reason to treat yourself!

Nars Night Series Eye Palette

Nars Night Series Eye Palette
*Nars Night Series eye palette.

I really believe in changing your make up to suit the seasons. For me that means a shift in shades and colours for the eyes and cheek to reflect the change in my skin tone and the changing light.

Right now I’m looking for Autumnal shades to make a day time chic face which is ‘put together’ but interesting and I’ll be reporting back on that soon.

In the meantime however, check out my favourite find this week from Nars – how warm and delicious are these smokey shades of plum and mocha with emerald green and sapphire blue? Day and night sorted in one palette for £37.

What’s not to love?


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