Spotted: Bobbi Brown Neon and Nudes

This week, with all the #lfw tweets, blog posts and online articles flying about, I’m certainly feeling the excitement of new trends that spring brings. Of course that doesn’t just extend to fashion but also beauty, as models are sent down the catwalk with striking looks and sometimes extreme styles. The trick is, how to translate this to the high street?

I don’t cover every cosmetic house’s new collections, just the ones that appeal to me, Florence Finds is after all an edited collection of things I love and hope you will too, so you’ll understand why I’m sharing this look. It’s right up my street. Allow me to share the Bobbi Brown Neon and Nudes collection

Usually known for wearable subtle looks, this one is no exception when it comes to wearability, but is significantly less subtle. I love Bobbi’s lip colours and the three additions within this collection could well be winging their way directly into my make-up bag. Look out for Neon Pink, Atomic orange and a ‘perfect nude’ to balance the eye shades that are part of this collection. Not normally a fan of nude or a pale lip, even I might be tempted to try this one out.

A full on bright lip needs a pared back face and Bobbie has created two softer blush shades to work with, not fight against, the lip shades. Add to that the super user friendly felt tip ink liner and you’re good to go.

Of course, neon lips aren’t a look everyone wants to rock, but if you prefer the focus on your eyes there are two lovely (and more subtle than they look in the palette) shades – bluebell and ultra violet. Personally I think the most wearable item in the collection also easily makes it into the must-have list for every woman’s make-up bag – a palette of classic nudes for every occasion.

Lastly, check out the bright and juicy glosses – perfect for spring and again, a lot more subtle than they look

There’s even a how-to video…

So can Bobbi convert you? I’d love to hear about your favourite neon brights for lips – drop a comment in the box below and share your top buys.


Liner Love

I was recently asked for my eye liner recommendations by a friend and thought I would share them all with you too.

These liners have all been personally tried and tested by me and come recommended, but please feel free to share yours too – I love a good tip.

First up, the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner for £16.50. The only down side to this great product is that you need a brush to apply it. Bobbi recommends the Ultra fine eyeliner brush at £21.00 which is another hefty outlay but I suppose is either useful for other things or could be replaced by something you already have, depending on which way you look at it.

I have this one in Graphite shimmer – a grey black with a slight shimmer and Ivy shimmer – an emerald green (both shown above,) which is quite dark but also shimmers.

If you’re looking for a bargain, or for something that is super easy to use, I’d recommend a felt eyeliner. I tracked this one (Topshop Felt Pen Eyeliner) down as a present for a friend who wanted to start dallying in liquid liner because I think it’s an easy (read: fool proof) way to get started (don’t ask me how to do true liquid liner – not my forte at all!) It’s a steal at £6.50 too 🙂

The Creme de la Creme however is this little beauty by Laura Mercier. Again it needs a brush and I don’t think you can substitute the preferred LM one for another brand (but I’m open to any suggestions?) and get the same effect, but it’s worth the outlay. Instead of applying this one to the eye lid itself, you wet the cake and make a paste or thick liquid with some water. Then you apply with the brush held flat, from underneath the lash line, wiggling the brush into the base of the lashes. The effect is that of a lash transplant – no kidding. Your eye lashes look thicker and fuller and your eyes get real definition, but you don’t look like a drag queen. Bonus!

I dare say you could apply this above the lash line too if you were trying to create a sixties flick and it would kill two birds with one stone easily. The Laura Mercier Cake eyeliner is £18.50 and available in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Space NK online, the flat eyeliner brush is £22.50.

Drop me a comment in the comments box below if you have used any of these or if in fact you think they’re all pants and that there are better/cheaper/longer lasting products you’d like to shout about! We’re all ears!


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