Spotted: Stationery supplies

I’ve been trying to get my stationery supplies in order lately. I’m always sending off parcels and I like to add some personal touches that make all the difference when it arrives on the recipients doorstep!

All from UnwrapColour

This Etsy shop has a great selection of Washi tape, tags and twine and even better is in the UK – My order arrived 2 days later and I love the honeycomb tape I bought above! I thought I’d share incase you need a nudge to get supplies in!


Found: Hannah Carding Prints

We went to visit friends in Bristol this weekend and my friend Caroline (who has excellent taste in art,) had just bought three prints which I was really taken with. The colours were so vibrant in real life and a little quirky.

It turned out they were by a friend of hers, Hannah Carding, and available on Etsy.

Fun fact of the day: The collective noun for a group of ladybirds is a ‘loveliness’.

How’s that for a lovely start to the week?


PS I like the tea towels too…

Five on Friday…

Why do the short weeks after a long weekend always feel harder than the long ones? We are meeting up with lots of friends this weekend which is going to be great and after what seems like forever prepping and planning the building work starts on the kitchen on Monday. Bring it on!

In the meantime here are a few things I’ve seen around the web to ease you towards the weekend.

Happy Friday readers, see you next week!


Jessica’s Hen: The [DIY] Goody Bag

I love a good goody bag and I think it’s fun to have them on a hen do. People spend a lot of money attending hens and it’s a lovely treat for the attendees, as well as the hen of course. As I planned and themed Jess’s hen I decided to borrow the heart on her wedding stationery and extrapolated her wedding colours of peaches and pinks, mixed with some grey. I thought rather than using throw away paper gift bags I would make some canvas bags with iron-on transfer paper using the heart. Each one was personalised with the hen’s name or ‘Bridesmaid’ and of course for Jess, ‘Bride’. I used Jacques & Gilles as the font throughout but most notably for the canvas bags.

They were such an easy DIY and I’ll definitely be making lots more of them as gifts… here’s how I made them:

1. Print out your design sized to an A4 piece of paper, making sure to reverse the image (I use the ‘flip horizontal’ feature in Pages on my iMac) and print onto photo transfer paper.

2. Cut out the images – if they have space between them like the heart on my design and the text below, cut them out separately – don’t worry about aligning them later, you can use the grid pattern on the back to line them back up with each other. Leave a 0.5-1cm edge around your design.

3. Iron on a high heat without steam for a minute or two. I found that if I used full heat I singed the design giving a yellow tinge, and that keeping it moving and slightly below the max temperature it was fine.

4. Keep trying the edges of the image. When it is done the edge will lift easily and peel off – you can do this hot or cold. The edges tend to be the last things to be ready so concentrate on them if it’s not peeling off.

5. Seal by ironing again with a piece of silicone paper (supplied with the transfer paper) on top of the images. This is supposed to make the bags washable but I can’t vouch for it as I haven’t tried yet!

Inside the bags I made a few extra goodies. My favourite were the temporary tattoo sets. On a hen do you need something to bind you together as a group. There was something else we did which I’ll get to later, but Jess loves temporary tattoos so I thought they would be fun to wear together. I found these delicate designs in Spirit Ink on Etsy and placed a custom order for my favourite designs.

Then I simply made a card backdrop with the fun fact that Jess loves tattoos, and the application instructions, and attached the tattoos in a glassine bag, with some gorgeous glitter tape from PaperMash

They went into the bag with my final DIY – a home made playlist for each hen with a collection of favourite and current songs of Jess’s. Each one had a little meaning: from her favourite current song, (Blurred Lines) to the song we used to call each other every time it was played (My My My,) Empire State of Mind referencing our holiday to New York, other Uni highlights and some great girls night out tracks for good measure. I played it all weekend and I hope the hens will listen to it afterwards and have good memories 🙂

Again I used the same font and heart motif to design the CD Stickers and pull it all together.

For each bag I added in miniature toiletries I have collected in recent months (which kept the costs down) from magazines and giveaways, a grey striped straw with a glitter flag and a heart balloon for good measure. I had so many more ideas!

I hope these DIY’s give you some ideas for future makes and also some insight into how easy it is to bind things together using a single colour palette, font and design. I was pretty pleased with them all! 🙂


PS Please excuse the dim photos – most of them were taken at night as I got my DIY on!

Triple Temptation: Etsy Watercolours

16 x 20″ Chevron watercolour £65 // Set of 8 8×10″ watercolour herbs £72 // 16 x 20″ ‘Daybreak’ watercolour £30

After yesterday’s post on my bedroom, a few of you commented on my new print above the bed. Helen asked how I find lovely things on Etsy and really, as I replied to her, I find a lot on other blogs or Pinterest. I have a Patterns and Prints board on Pinterest where I put all my favourite prints for the future 😉

I was also explaining to her that you can refine your searches on Etsy – It has seem overwhelming to trawl through the site otherwise. I find that as my taste evolves and I know what I’m looking for, I can choose to search in ‘Art‘ for example then ‘Watercolours‘ and the selection of prints returned is much more likely to be up my street.

These three prints are all from Etsy and were found easily within minutes of me checking the navigation before I told Helen. I love the chevrons for a nursery or office space, the herbs would look beautiful grouped in a kitchen and oh my, that abstract piece is stunning.

Art is so affordable and such an easy way to brighten your home and make you happy every time you look at it, that Etsy is a pretty fun place to internet browse/splurge.

Have you found anything gorgeous on Etsy recently? I’d love to see!


Spotted: Piles of Pillows

Right now, I’m in the process of re-vamping 3 different spaces in my home. The sofa, the garden and the spare room. Integral to all three are the cushions I’m choosing and as a result I’ve been like an eagle eyed hawk, searching in home stores and online for the pick of the bunch.

In the living room, we have spent 6 years now with the cushions that came with our sofa. I love them, but to my astonishment they are starting to show the wear they have had and are going threadbare at the corners. Cue my final push towards creating a more eclectic look for the sofa with a mismatched collection of patterns and prints. To keep it cohesive I’m sticking to a main colour palette of blues, with a strong lean towards a global feel, plus the ongoing search for my favourite ikat print. Here are my picks:

Ombre dye and ikat print, Matalan £6 each // Fringed Javadi Pillow, Anthropologie £88 // Both striped and embroidered cushion, John Lewis, £25-35

Aside from my Matalan bargain finds are a wealth of ikat cushions on One piece of advice if you want to avoid high import duties is to find a UK supplier selling on Etsy and there are several offering ikat designs.

Cushions from: IkatSuzanicom, CoupleHome, and Yastik on Etsy.

The second area I’m looking at is the garden. We have a tiny garden but I’m really keen to make it more of an ‘outdoor room’, with comfort and style taking precedence, (perhaps over practicality.) We have a beautiful garden bench that was a wedding gift from my mum which has been relocated and I want to add some garden cushions for comfort. As it’a brick walled garden and the bench is iron, I’m going for a french theme and these are my favourite cushions for the space.

French burlap, JolieMarche on Etsy £23 // Paris Cushion, Next £14 // Linen sacking prints, £7-13, Paisley Velvet £10, both H&M // French print linen cushion, £22

Lastly, when it comes to getting that eclectic, ‘artfully arranged’ look, you can end up with more of a mess than a mismatch, so I highly recommend watching this video by Emily Henderson. Emily is an interior designer and TV stylist and the video shows how to combine patterns and prints successfully.

It is super useful if you’re a bit pattern shy 🙂

Happy Monday readers – have you spotted any great cuschions recently?


PS. IF you want to see more of my cushion and curtain finds and favourites, follow my Cushions and Curtains Pinterest board!

Monday Must Have: Paperfashion

Image: Emerald Beauty by PaperFashion

At the moment, I’m in the process of updating our hanging decor – I’m looking for prints and images to update various spaces around our home. The two priorities are our bedroom and living room. Where we once had quite a retro industrial feel to the images, with photos of salvaged objects and archival drawings of butterflies, I’m feeling the need to change things up and moving towards more use of colour. In our bedroom I’d like some more feminine images with fashion illustrations and watercolours and one of my favourite illustrators is Katie Rodgers of PaperFashion so I thought I would share her work with you today.

The other reason for choosing this particular image is that this week, I’m following a bit of a theme for Florence Finds. Every year, Pantone announces a ‘colour of the year’ and this year it is Emerald. I have to say, although in design circles the announcement is thought to be very influential, I have been following the choices for the last couple of years and have never noticed them spark a huge trend. This year is no exception, however it has stolen my heart completely. I realised that I wear quite a bit of emerald green and am drawn to striking interiors where it is the main colour. So this week I’m going to share some Emerald (or just green) fashion choices, how I wear it, and how to decorate with it. I hope you like it. 🙂

Happy Monday readers!


PS! If you like Katie’s illustrations you can buy them here in the PaperFashion shop. Shipping from the US is only $6 🙂

Well Addressed…

Yesterday I spent a little while perusing Etsy and stumbled across some gorgeous return address stamps. I have long been intending to arrange some personal stationery but the cost can be prohibitive, so these seem like a great compromise. They remind people of your address and I know I’d get that little thrill of excitement seeing our names as a family each time I stamped it too 🙂

Return address stamps Angelique Ink at

I’m a huge fan of the sometimes spiky, irregular, quirky script that is fashionable right now and there were so many to choose from when I did a wider search. My Mum has always had address labels and I thought what a fantastic gift they would make for Christmas this year – newly weds, those with new houses, a new addition to the family… I couldn’t help snapping one up myself!

Castle Graphics address, Castle Calligraphy // Genise Woodman, PaperSushi // Erik and chelsea, RachelCarl // Arnold Jasper, TheInkBlotShop // Lindsay and Brandon, Stephanie Creekmur // The Smith Family, StyleMyDay //

Do you like readers? Do you have personal stationery or something similar? Don’t you think it seems so lady-like and grown up?!


Found: French and English Confectioners

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, and my goodness have we got a good four day week planned here for you!

This weekend, it was my best friend Jess’s birthday (who shares her real renovations on Florence Finds from time to time.) It was a kind of, ahem, BIG birthday and I really wanted to get her something to keep. Having recently moved house, a lot of her presents were going to be practical and available funds are being devoted to the new house, so I wanted to get her something that she wouldn’t buy herself, that was also something she would have for a while, but not necessarily forever. It was a tall order. An ideal world would have seen me buying a gorgeous designer clutch but I am so pleased with what I did find that I’m sharing them with you today – French and English Confectioners on Etsy.

It was the lovely Emma Davenport who tipped me off about them after my plea on Twitter (and thank you to all of you who replied with your suggestions) but when I spotted her sporting a fabulous yellow bag in this blog post, I knew I had found ‘the one’. As much as I love high fashion and designer bags, I’m just as crazy about finding something unique that is handmade and I totally fell for the little sewn on labels on the bags along with the super glossy patent leather in bright shades. Jess and I have a bit of a thing for patent and although the yellow was a bit of a gamble, I breathed a massive sigh of relief when she liked it!

French and English makes everything from shoulder bags and satchels to coin purses and the cutest mother and daughter bag sets I have ever seen. All hand stitched and made to order.

I think they make very special gifts or even a lovely treat for yourself and Lucie was super helpful with my somewhat last minute order – Thank you!

Do head on over and have a look for yourself at French and English Confectioners and let me know if you love the bags as much as I do!


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