Clothe your walls: Etsy Art

After my post last week on how to hang wall art, it will come as no suprise that I’ve been thinking about choosing some new prints for my walls. I tend to go with themes when choosing art work and most of the pieces in our lounge/dining room are from a series of prints that used to hang in a favourite restaurant of ours which has long since closed down. We contacted the photographer, via the restaurant owner and chose a selection of 6 from his original contact sheets that were commissioned for the restaurant. Now I’m looking for something equally unique at a reasonable price point and of course, the first place to go is Etsy.

I thought I’d share a selection of pieces that I am loving today, all from Etsy and all very reasonably priced. Most are around $35. Although there’s no real theme to my selection, I hope that will mean there’s something to appear to many of you amongst my choices.

Where do you go to find unique wall art and have you got any tips for buying unique pieces?


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