Real Spaces: A Mini-office Make-over

Whenever I’m thinking about spaces to renovate and features to share on Florence Finds, I’m always acutely aware that some of you are still stuck in rental properties you can’t do much to or in small London flats with much less space than your average house. When Eddie Judd sent this mini-makeover my way I was delighted because its clever use of space and budget tricks for personalisation could work for anyone needing a smaller office hide-away, or perhaps the lusted after dressing table you can’t squeeze in anywhere?

Please remember your make overs don’t need to be grand designs, whole houses or even rooms. I’d love to see your furniture make overs, smaller DIY projects or simply rooms that have been freshened up with a few clever accessories. Send them in to with the subject box marked SUBMISSIONS.

In the mean time, here is Eddie‘s office in a cupboard!

All Photography: Eddie Judd Photography

My ‘desk in a cupboard’ was actually my husband’s idea – it used to be the ‘man cupboard’ as I called it – you know the kind – stuffed full of DVD’s, cables, remote controls, electronic things that I have know idea what they do. He gave his man cupboard up for me – that’s true love – don’t you think?! As a busy mum of two girls I needed to have an office that was part of the house – I thought about claiming one of the girls’ bedrooms but we have such a gorgeous view out of the front of the house. It means I can also work around the school runs and I’m not hiding away in another room when my husband is home in the evening. So it works perfectly – and it is the perfect size for a 27″ macbook!

All Photography: Eddie Judd Photography

So once I had claimed the cupboard I started to look for inspiration to fit my bits and pieces in and to make it look great! I wanted to keep it fairly clutter free – all my paperwork is stashed in a plan-chest behind me and my samples and kit are spread around the house so I can’t claim that everything is in that cupboard! After plenty of gorgeous inspiration from Pinterest I started to them become obsessed with clipboards. I thought this would be a great way of keeping on top of important paperwork.

All Photography: Eddie Judd Photography

The ones that you see are clear clipboards from Paperchase with wrapping paper from Urban Outfitters mounted to the back of them. Apart from that my cupboard houses my hard drives, paperwork in some huge filing boxes from Paperchase, a slightly obsessional collection of notebooks, an old Polaroid camera that was my father’s and some pretty ribbons that I use for presenting products for my clients.

All Photography: Eddie Judd Photography

And then when I’ve had enough of working for the day – I can just close the cupboard doors and (try to) forget about it! 😉

Thanks Eddie!

Have you got any small spaces you’d like to renovate or are you working from home and struggling to fit a home office space in. I hope this gave you a few ideas… I love those clipboards!


Behind the Scenes – The Fetcham Park Launch

This morning we’re taking a break from Friday Food to do a different kind of Friday post altogether. You see this Friday is #FetchamFriday, celebrating the launch party for Fetcham Park that I attended almost 3 weeks ago. My role didn’t start at drinking champagne however, in fact it didn’t even start until after everyone else had been enjoying themselves for some time, because I travelled down for the day to assist my good friend Penny aka Tigerlily Weddings who was planning the event on behalf of Laura Caudrey with Emma of Miss Bush Bridal.

Credit : Mark Bothwell for Fetcham Park

So I thought I’d write a little diary of a planner and share all the behind the scenes pictures of the models, the gowns, the hair and makeup for you to drool over, it really was the most lavish and stylishly executed event I’ve attended.

My day started at 8.30 when Penny and I headed over to Fetcham so she could brief me on my tasks for the day as her assistant. I’ve been involved in events planning before but never anything like this level of attention to detail and I knew immediately it was going to be a complete showstopper of a day.

My first task was to make up and arrange the escort cards which had been painstakingly calligraphed by Paul Antonio… I was pretty nervous about getting the VIP’s in the wrong rows!

Image by Rebecca Norris

Next up was the walk through. With the models nervously watching, Penny directed them magnificently in their roles. The event was themed around the story of the Sirens and so the catwalk show was split into two halves, the first depicting the allure and magic of the sensual sirens calling their victims to the sea, then the second half showing their darker, predatory side.

Image by Rebecca Norris

As each model took her turn, Penny tweaked their walk and directed them as the rest looked on nervously, half way through hair and make-up and in various stages of final fittings.

Image by Rebecca Norris

All the while as this was going on, various suppliers were arriving with their equipment and unpacking, finding their places and setting up for the day. The logo had to be painstakingly installed, the band was setting up, catwalk lighting and sound tests brought Fetcham Park to life with a crack of thunder as the special sirens mix by Matt Maurice rolled over the sound system.

Credit : Mark Bothwell for Fetcham Park.

If ever I understood the minute attention to detail that an event of this sort required from Penny, it was during the 45 minutes spent making sure the alignment of each row of seating was just so… lose a seat here, move a row back there, adjust the escort cards to reflect the changed seating. But as each seat was finished with the calligraphed programs and uplighting reflected pinks and blues highlighting the ghost chairs, the room started to look magical.

Credit : Mark Bothwell for Fetcham Park

Upstairs was a hive of activity meanwhile and as I ventured up, my first stop was in the accessories room to lay out the treasure that had been loaned for the occasion by Magpie Vintage, Polly Edwards and DC Bouquets

There were separate rooms for hair, makeup, front-of-house make up and front-of-house hair, front of house wardrobe, dressing rooms and my accessories, alongside what seemed like an army of people. With Emma of Miss Bush Bridal presiding over the fashion department with her gowns and dressers, when I managed to sneak a peek at the choices I was blown away. Directional, modern, yet eternally classic and stylish, with 2 dresses for each siren. Such was the styling that there were even 2 seamstresses on hand making last minute adjustments and additions to show the gowns to maximum effect – something so lacking in so many bridal shows I have attended.

Credit : Mark Bothwell for Fetcham Park.

Whilst the makeup reflected the sirens personalities… dramatic smokey eyes or almost angelic pouts, the hair was quite literally something else. Leo Bancroft excelled in creating some of the most fantastical creations I have ever seen, particularly the up-dos and stunning braids. This was one of my favourites… How about that for something different on your wedding day?

Credit : Mark Bothwell for Fetcham Park

I stumbled across Gayle from Bloomin’gayles, responsible for intricate creations like this purple belt and hair piece created to adorn a bridal jumpsuit worn by one of the front-of-house girls, and this exquisite Alexander McQueen inspired petal layered skull with crystal details.

*Top 2 images – EFC Photography, Bottom 2 – Juliet McKee. Ring by Jon Dibben.

After a quick lunch stop, all too soon the guests were arriving downstairs and the atmosphere stepped up a notch in the upstairs rooms. Models were dressed and one at a time brought through to the accessories room to be finished with an individual selection of pieces.

Credit: EFC Photography

Then there was nothing left to do but wait… models lined up, poised to descend the stairs as magnetic visions of loveliness, me giving the signal for them to go, and Penny directing from the sidelines of the room below with Emma.

Credit : Mark Bothwell for Fetcham Park

Credit: EFC Photography

It was all over far too soon and after a hectic half hour ducking around the circus that was hidden away at the top of the stairs, under hairdressers’ arms and out of photographers’ shots, whilst draping the gowns and directing the girls, finally I was free to enjoy the party.

Massive thanks to Juliet McKee for this shot, proving that I was actually there and talking to Julia Ford 😉

Off course, from the ‘front-of-house’ there was a whole other perspective of entertainment, the catwalk show, delicious canapés, free flowing champagne and a world of glamour with so many images which tell that tale that I haven’t shared here.

Credit: Eddie Judd Photography

I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of shots of my favourite looks (Really, check out the hair and gowns including top left and bottom right, the custom made gowns by Suzanne Neville especially for the show…) but please head on over to Love My Dress for the exclusive Fetcham Friday report, so many more stunning images of all the VIP’s in attendance and excerpts from Emma Woodhouse, aka The Wedding Reporter‘s beautifully written write up. Please do go over, even if you’re not interested in weddings. The gowns, the hair, the style, really were all something else.

Other partners in the event included At Home (the fabulous caterers that I was so upset to have missed out on tasting but was reliably informed were fabulous), You And Your Wedding magazine and Suzanne Neville‘s beautiful custom made creations and Annabel Beeforth of Love My Dress. For a full list of suppliers please see below.

Thank you so much Penny with Emma of Miss Bush Bridal and Laura for inviting me to be a part of it 🙂

Lots of Fetcham Friday Love,

PS Head on over to the Florence Finds Facebook page to see the gorgeous necklace I was loaned by Magpie Vintage.
PPS Missing Friday Food? Come back tomorrow for a bonus post 😉

Beverages – Shaken and Stirred
Photography (official) – Mark Bothwell, Eddie Judd and EFC Photography.
Film (on Love My Dress today) – Two Hearts Films
Flowers: Wild about Flowers (Orchid stair dressing), Bloomingayles (catwalk ‘skull bouquet’)
Music: DJ Matt Maurice and Band, Swinging Little Big Band
Lighting – White Light
Hair – Leo Bancroft and team.
Makeup – Mariam Jensen, Rebecca McMahon makeup, Ariane Jaksch, Carolanne Armstrong & Rachel Kent.
Front of house hair team – Wonderful Wedding Hair
Chair Hire – Options Hire
Programs and signage – Kate Taylor, Coquette Paper and Press, Tigerlily Weddings, Nicola Catchpole and Paul Antonio.
Sirens Black Laser cut sign and invitations – Cutture.
Transport – Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company
Champagne by Les Caves De Pyrene

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