Summer Capsule Part 3: [Dresses & Round Up]

So I guess this is a kind of Friday Frock in disguise post. The final instalment of my capsule wardrobe! You all know I love a dress and I am finally taking full advantage of not needing 24/7 boob access. I was still feeding 2-3 times a day when I started this capsule and just took it off if I needed to feed when wearing a dress, now it’s just morning and evening so I can wear what I want. I have loved having dresses back in my wardrobe!

Denim dress // Digital print dress

This denim tencel blend swing dress was the first I bought and as my bust settles down it’s looking better and better. The Boden shift was a no brainer for a summer and holiday dress that I mentioned last week.

Jumpsuit // Maxi // Jumpsuit

The only dress that has been pulled from storage is this Gap maxi. I had it last year and hoped to wear it feeding but couldn’t in the end as it didn’t fit. It’s light and super comfortable so it’s a bit of a beater dress for everyday. The strappy tile print jumpsuit was bought when I couldn’t get hold of the Boden one, in hindsight I didn’t need it, but I’ve already worn it to playgroups when we had the recent heatwave and at £20 I don’t care about crawling on the floor!

So let’s do a little overview shall we?

I ended up with 27 pieces. (Don’t forget, this doesn’t include PJ’s, ‘loungewear’, stuff I paint or do the gardening in and exercise (ha!) kit.)

  • 8 work wear items (included in the below)
  • 10 tops
  • 3 knits
  • 6 dresses
  • 2 trousers
  • 2 jeans
  • 3 skirts
  • 1 shorts

And the prominent stores I bought from? Boden, GAP, Hush, New Look, Baukjen and Komodo – stocked in a local boutique and a new ethical brand find to me.

Here’s the whole summer capsule wardrobe 2015, en masse:

27 is just the number that works for me and I feel comfortable with. Last time I did this I ended up with 35 pieces but I included 8 shoes… so it’s exactly the same. I haven’t done that here – maybe I’ll post a selection on Instagram later today, and I forgot to shoot this top which should be included here. I’m really happy with what I’ve ended up with. I wear all of it, and fairly equally too, weather dependent. nothing feels like a waste or a splurge and my clothes seem to be striking a balance between being functional and fashionable.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and soon I will bring you a few posts on the pieces in action.

Have a fabulous weekend readers 🙂


Fash Flash: Denim dresses

It has been oh such a long time since I looked at dresses thanks to feeding Bea (my style just doesn’t lean towards wrap dress or button fronts,) but summer is coming, my capsule wardrobe won’t build itself and feeds are lessening, so I’m on the hunt.

Shirt dress // Patch pocket shirt dress // T’shirt dress // Tie waist dress

I’ve always been a massive denim fan so I’m ready to jump on board the denim trend (Erin says it’s fashionable, so it must be!) so I thought I’d look for a few dresses. I found one (this swingy Komodo tencel dress) in one of the local independents where I live, but I’d spotted a few online too and thought I’d share them here.

Could you get on board with the denim trend?

Friday Frock O’clock

In the gorgeous weather we have been having I’m all about the summer dress right now. Something cool and comfy that takes you from picnic to BBQ to pool party (yeah, I wish,) to strolling through the fields.

Totem Embroidered Skater Dress – Warehouse, £55

One of my criteria for such a dress is that it’s not too precious. In my experience summer activities can be a bit messy, sitting on the grass for example or having a ketchup related incident. I hate wearing clothes that I have to worry about and get in the way of just enjoying the moment, so for all the above reasons this Warehouse dress is a winner.

I used to have a gorgeous embroidered French Connection dress that was cream and similar to this but it’s gone off and is a little tatty now so this will replace that one. It’s shorter and flirtier but mid-shred the thighs are looking presentable and thanks to the weather a little more golden, so I say get ’em out ladies!

I’m looking forward to the most relaxed weekend too. Pete is away on Dan’s stag so I shall mostly be reading in the garden, tending the allotment, making poms poms with Jess for the wedding and my Mum is coming to help me finish the spare room curtains.

What is everyone else doing and wearing this weekend? Hope you all enjoy it wherever you are. 🙂


Friday Frock O’clock

Denim Pinafore Dress £23, ASOS.

Is it me, or is ASOS on fire right now?

I never used to shop at ASOS, or if I did, it was more like you would in a department store, looking at brands they stock instead of their own range. I perceived it as too young and poor quality but I’ve realised once you get past the gazillion bodycon lycra-esque dresses, there’s some pretty up tot he minute items on there and you can’t fault the prices for a fashion fix. I really love ASOS Collection – their more ‘cutting edge’ London designed selection and it’s from there that this week (and last week’s) dress hails from.

I’m a real fan of dressing down at the weekend and am having a love affair with denim. Whilst you won’t find me getting back into my dungarees from my teenage years, there was something sweet about this pinafore dress that I loved and given the cool weather we’ve been having, I loved the idea of layering up with a long sleeved tee underneath. It’s a youthful look but I think with some ankle boots or preppy flats it could work all summer long and for £32, why not try the trend?

Happy weekend readers! I’m driving down south for a bit of wedding prep with Jess and hoping for glorious weather. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂


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