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A little while back, my main decorating focus was the revamping of my open plan dining room and living room. When I shared them, they were a little sparse, having just been decorated and I was being rather fussy about putting all the tat I had cleared out back into the newly pristine rooms. As time has gone on, I’ve refined a few of my choices and finally have gotten around to doing some of the things I wanted to do, a mini room makeover.

So I have taken a few snap shots of my new additions to share with you all, I hope you enjoy them!

First up, additional wildlife. I’ve been loving the animal head trend I’ve seen all over Living Etc and lately in Graham and Green and Rockett St George, (FYI ours was NOT this expensive!) but I really dislike buying for the home online. I like to see things and inevitably the price of delivery (and therefore returns) is so much more costly, that I kept hanging back. Then the other day we saw this deer head in Dwell. (It is available online too.) I love the white – like the wood in the room it stands out crisply against the grey walls and we got to test out that it was the right size for the space we had in mind.

That was the first addition to my little reading corner. Before you all get all incredulous and think ‘how does she get time to read,‘ I don’t! But the club chair we bought with our sofa has always appeared so inviting. In fact we call it ‘Tabbys’ chair’ as she commandeers it daily. However, I have long lusted after a picture shelf to display books or photos on, whatever the mood dictates. We have one in our hall that is wooden and a more streamlined version of this one, both are from Ikea. I resisted this one for literally years because I felt it was too chunky and eventually caved because I wanted the project complete and really, I’m just out of ideas for an alternative. In the end, I think it looks great. We got the bigger size and cut it down, sanding and touching up the edges.

Now all I need is to get rid of that union jack cushion. I’m so over the ‘Rule Britannia’ interiors trend!

Into the dining room, I finally put up the collection of letters we have picked up around our travels. They used to litter the 2 rooms but I think they look better as a collection and the wood mixed with wire and metal letters seem to pick up the slightly more salvage-chic look of this room. Well, the look I’m working towards anyway. 😉

Lastly, I bought a display dome, then couldn’t get to grips with what to put in it! Everything was too big or too small and being in a bit of a dark corner, I felt it needed to be something bright so as not to get lost. I had ideas about getting one of these vases and maybe attaching some brightly coloured birds like these, I still might, but for now, I grabbed this cute little white ceramic toadstool pair in the Selfridges sale for £3! I’m having a real thing about ceramics, especially the white again popping against the grey or wooden backdrops in the room.

So I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my home again and like my mini room makeover. I still have things in mind to buy and add, I’ll keep you posted. Have you got any mini-projects on the go?


PS. Want to see the whole rooms, before and after? Lounge and Dining room here.

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