Spotted… Advent Calendars

It’s not too late! With a few days to December the 1st, if you’re looking for an advent calendar, there’s still time to make a purchase.

I spotted this super cute option over at Daisy Ley last month and have been holding out to post it but now is perfect timing to make that purchase!

I love the little messages and festive instructions that you get when you turn each little flag over. 🙂

Alternatively, Cox and Cox are having an advent sale for all their advent products, including these advent stickers (add each number to your display to count down the days,) or advent pegs for your treats or DIY essays.

There’s also a DIY advent kit for you to try your hand at making something as pretty as this Advent calendar with fabric pockets and ribbon or felt embellishments.

Too. Cute.

Will you be having an advent calendar this year?


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