Nigella’s Courgette Cake

So, my allotment has been growing out of control lately and I’m desperately trying to use or gift all the produce – it really does all come at once!

One of the main things I’m having trouble with is courgettes – once my absolute favourite vegetable I’m now more than a little tired of them in their steamed, ribboned, or stir-fried form so I’m looking for new ways to use them up!

A friend suggested that I make a courgette cake, which I had already heard of so I decided to seek out and road test a new recipe. None amongst my usual cookery book collection meant I ended up on Google which lead me to Organikal and a re-posting of Nigella’s Courgette Cake.

Et Voila!

As for the review… it was seriously good. I’m a big fan of carrot cake so the cream cheese frosting went down really well, but it was also a whole lot easier to make than carrot cake – less faffing with ingredients. And the end result was a much lighter cake – more suited to summer and incredibly moist. Dare I say it – it also didn’t appear to be as sinful as the usual Nigella Lawson style.

I also found this trio of ideas from Nigel Slater in The Guardian Archives including one cake.

What are you waiting for? Go try it out and let me know how you got on!!


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