Autumn Colour for the Garden

Well good afternoon! It’s been a completely glorious morning here in Manchester and it’s making me turn my thoughts to the garden and getting it in order for the winter. All those tidying jobs aren’t anywhere near as interesting as some of the fiery and eyecatching plants available for the garden right now however.

After my last gardening post, lots of you were quite excited about picking up tips so I decided today would be a good day to share my favourite plants for autumn colour – which will add some interest to your garden as the flowers fade, right through to Christmas. My kind of gardening is low maintenance for maximum enjoyment, but turf or gravel throughout is kind of boring and autumn is my favourite time of year, so I naturally gravitate towards plants that lend themselves to it. Happily, these are all plants that I have experience of in my own garden, and are beautifully low maintenance, just put them in and enjoy. So let’s get started!

Acers for Autumn
One of the most brilliant shows for autumn colour is put on by the Acer family. These are otherwise known as Japanese Maple and they actually often look pretty special in the spring too with their new leaves unfurling in super bright shades. They come as shrubs, low growing specimens and small to medium trees, so there’s one for every garden and they often have striking bark too. Buy them now to see exactly the level of brilliance you’re getting!

*Acer Palmatum all from Crocus.

Berry Beautiful
Thinking autumn? Think berries! Well, I do anyway! But it doesn’t have to be holly. I’ve been meaning to buy one of these purple berried ‘beauty berry’ bushes for ages now – they don’t look real do they? Pyracanthas grow along the floor or up against the wall and are also good for security with their thorny spines, whilst the snow berry bush is super festive when the frost arrives.

*Beauty Berry (Callicarpa,) Pyracantha or fire thorn, and snowberry bush (via Flickr.)

Autumn Colour
A lot of autumn colour comes from leaves, like this burgundy-leafed Smoke Bush, but it doesn’t have to. I look forward to the leaves falling off this stunning Dogwood with vivid red branches and the Garrya’s dangling silver catkins are quite beautiful too, which start to grow in summer and rehang in great proportions over the winter.

*Garrya, Dogwood (Cornus) and Cotinus (Smokebush).

Winter Flowers
And if you just can’t live without some flowers, there are a few flowering plants that come into their own in the winter too. These are all shrubs – plants which you might call ‘bushes’, with sturdy stems, as most flowers wouldn’t withstand the harsh temperatures of winter, but their cheery flowers really brighten up the day with the weak winter sun filtering through. Viburnums are also scented.

*Mahonia (spikes of yellow flowers on prickly leaves), Vibernum (tiny pink flower clusters,) and
Witch Hazel (Bottom.)

All of the plants above can be purchased from Crocus – one of my favourite online flower stores which also has lots of planting and size information alongside general garden advice and tips. however, several of these can also be purchased in a bog standard DIY store like B&Q – often quite cheaply, just look for healthy plants.

So, will you be adding some autumn colour to your garden?


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