Florence’s Food: Cinnamon bread wreath

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the things I’m going to be cooking over the festive season… mince pies, Christmas cakes, delicious side dishes for the Christmas table and party food bites.

Part of the festive season however is cooking for guests and one of my favourite aspects of being a host is preparing breakfast. Over a year ago, I posted this gorgeous cinnamon pull apart bread and have cooked it several times since, so when I saw this recipe and wreath DIY on Pinterest, I thought I’d have a go at creating something a little more festive and visually stunning.

It’s an easy dough to knock up, I’d advise making it the night before, unless you’re a fan of an early start, because the dough needs an hour to rise in a warm place first before being assembled.

I have to say, I didn’t love this dough and if I made it again, I would use the original Joy the Baker recipe. However, when it comes to presentation, this one knocks the socks off the original, unless you prefer a more relaxed rustic look.

This isn’t super easy to pull off, but it’s also no where near as difficult as it looks and the instructions are really clear. A lot of the kinks in the assembly are worked out as the dough rises in the oven and everything plumps up. Mine started out looking a little less than perfect and came out looking professional and enticing.

So, if you have guests over Christmas, try baking this one. It’s perfect served warm from the oven, makes your home smell amazing and could only be enhanced by the addition of an icing drizzle.

You’re welcome.



Weekend Webwalk

(…and a sneaky belated Friday Food!)

Happy weekend folks! I’ve literally had so much good stuff to fit in this week that I haven’t managed to get it all shoe-horned in, so this week’s Friday Food is coming better late than never for your weekend baking entertainment. I’m going to be making this one for a late Sunday brunch I think… with eggs, maybe some bacon and maple syrup, and the papers. So enjoy!

This week it’s Cinnamon pull-apart bread by Joy the Baker, found via A Small Scoop

Head on over to Joy the Baker to get the full recipe and how-to, and think of me on Sunday morning when I shall be stuffing my face with this pillowy sugary sweet cinnamon goodness. 🙂

You can thank me later…

In the meantime, for your Saturday morning (hopefully lazing in bed) read, here are some web links I spied and took Florence’s Fancy…


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