Friday Frock O’clock: The Christmas Party edition

Black sequin Dress – Mango // Red checked dress – ASOS // Sequin Shoulder Navy dress – French Connection

I know it’s not really ‘Christmas yet’ but when it comes to Christmas parties, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have had yours already. Mine is on the 7th and as a result, finding something to wear has been on my priority list for a while. Whilst I’ve been looking, I’ve spotted quite a few dresses and thought I’d do a little selection for various occasions as the dresses are quite different. In reality, we all have different styles and budgets and I personally tend to wear the same dress for each occasion listed above, as different groups of friends are involved and it gets better wear out of the dress.

First up, this classic black sparkly number would be perfect for a work or office party. It’s acceptable to flash a little leg but you won’t get the obligatory leering as your chest is well covered up. Pair with patent pointed courts for extra polish and a sparkly clutch and see how many times over the years you come back to this one at the back of your wardrobe. I can totally see it on Christmas day too with a jumper layered under and flats or boots.

The wild card, I couldn’t help but choose this cheeky checked number in the most festive of reds. I’m imagining it with comedy bauble earrings, a slick of crimson lipstick and a cocktail in hand. It’s a cooler look so teaming with ankle boots looks fresher, or even a pair of brogues. Add tights and a parka for Christmas Eve at the pub or Christmas carols on the green. At £44, I don’t think it’s too much for a season specific dress either.

Lastly, my favourite, this one is also for all the pregnant ladies looking for something festive this year. In my favourite forgiving t-shirt silhouette it would gracefully disguise or skim a bump up to about 6 months or more I think, and work for all of the occasions above. From my point of view, I think it’s going to be a great option to allow all the indulgence that Christmas brings and cover a bit of post-christmas bulge when it’s time to glam up again for New Year. 😉 Although it’s on the pricey side, look out for a friend with a student discount card (15% off) or wait for the sale for a small discount usually just before Christmas. I have bought several of these dresses in similar styles over the years and still have them all, so they’ll definitely go the distance.

And if you’re breast feeding (I always get asked for pregnancy and BF dresses during the party season,) this looks like a possible option and forgiving of the mum-tum.

Now it’s your turn readers, pick a favourite here and tell me what you’re wearing this Christmas!


Friday Frock O’clock: The All-request Edition

This week’s Friday Frock is a bumper edition. Last week, I asked you if you had any Christmas party dress dilemmas and four very different requests came in. I love a good fashion challenge so today I’m tackling all four and hoping I’ve become your Christmas fairy godmother! Please do add your suggestions in the comments box too!

Readers also note, this weekend there are some amazing discounts to be had including on many of the dresses in this post. Scroll down for the full list at the end of this post.

Topshop Maternity Red jersey dress, £36 // Mercy sequin dress, Whistles £150

Maybe you could help find a xmas party dress for me? I’m pregnant and in that awkward stage where my bump could be mistaken for a pot belly! All the dresses I’ve tried either swamp me or are too short (I’m fairly tall!) would love it if you could help? ~ Hannah

Congratulations Hannah! I’ve got two options for you here… the first is a bargain and guaranteed to see you through several months if not all of your pregnancy. A Topshop maternity dress, the festive red will look striking but also be comfortable as you eat your way through Christmas and will still work come spring with flip-flops and a light jacket. However, if you want something more sparkly, how about this Whistles dress? I wear this loose t-shirt style a lot as it’s forgiving round the middle (you might even get away with concealing your pregnancy all together,) and Whistles lengths are longer so hopefully won’t feel like a pelmet! With a great pair of opaque tights you get to flaunt your unchanged asset; your legs, and still feel sexy. And as you’re tall, a pair of sparkly flats will work with this dress too if you’re not interested in heels right now.

Janelle Royal Blue body con dress, Reiss £149 // FiFi Maxi dress, Reiss £225 // Dark Purple lace midi peplum dress, River Island £35.

I am going to an Army dinner, for which I need a dress which sits below the knee. My shoulders need to be covered- this can be with a pashmina etc but I’d rather not have to worry about one slipping off. I’m 5 ft 6 and a size 10. I’m 22 and would like to find something elegant but still young, and not look frumpy! Can you help?! ~ Charlotte

This is a tricky one Charlotte. There are plenty of maxi length dresses or styles with sleeves but it’s rare to find both in one frock. Although I’m not an advocate of baring-all, when dresses are too covered up it’s hard not to look matronly and you want something that reflects your youth. With a cracking figure as you describe, a fitted style would be perfect like this body con Reiss dress. It’s extremely classy, on the knee and has your shoulders covered. Team with glittery shoes for a youthful touch, a sparkly box clutch and statement jewellery for maximum impact. Alternatively if you have cash to splash, this modern maxi is bang on trend and very elegant with a low up-do and restrained accessories. Lastly, you needn’t spend a lot to achieve this look, River Island came up trumps with this lace panel peplum dress that’s super fashionable and comfortably below the knee for a bargain £35.

Clemency Lace print Jersy dress, French Connection £65 // Jewel Shoulder Wrap dress, £75 & Assymetric fastening dress, £45, both Warehouse.

I have seen so many gorgeous party dresses this season just a shame I’m breastfeeding and can’t wear any of them. FF if you could find me a gorgeous outfit for Christmas day I would be your number one fan!! ~ Diane

First of all, hands up, I’ve never been in the position of breast feeding so the first thing I did when reading this was ask my sister-in-law Rachel, and Becky, who have been-there-and-done-that for advice. The general consensus seems to be that easy access is the key factor, but also that ‘normal’ dresses shouldn’t be discounted. My personal opinion would be that you need to try them on, see what works for you and how easy you find it, but I hope these options help give you some ideas… For a relaxed but festive outfit, try this crimson lace print jersey dress which should pull down easily for drama-free feeding. If you’re looking for something more formal or sparkly, my favourite is this Warehouse jewel shoulder dress, which appears to tie to the front so may be practical, as is this less ‘typically Christmassy’ button front dress.

Solar Heat Tunic dress, French Connection £250 // Vanusa embellished maxi dress, Ted Baker £399 // Clara pintuck long pleat dress, Whistles £165

I need a fabulous dress for a Christmas wedding!! (28th dec) My partner is the best man! Looking for something blue or black. Nothing floral! I’m a size 12! Thank you Christmas fairy! ~ Ellie

Ellie, fabulous is right up my street and I have spotted some incredible dresses recently. Let’s start with this French Connection dress and let me say the web image does it no justice. A greyish cornflower blue underneath, the disc-like embellishment is blindingly eye catching and the whole dress could easily be designer – you have to see it in person. If you were looking for something long and to really push the boat out, I am equally wowed by the detail on this Ted Baker maxi and the lovely scooped back. A serious investment but certainly fabulous. If you wanted something a little less sparkly and more understated, my last choice isn’t in blue, but toning purple. The lace and pleating is the kind of detail I love in a dress. Elegant, understated, this is the kind of dress the Duchess of Cambridge would wow in.

Ok readers, now it’s your turn. Share your favourite pick here, send me your party and Christmas dress dilemmas and requests and please feel free to add to my selections and help our readers out. You guys are the best! 🙂



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