The Happy Birthday Hijack…

Well, greetings and salutations readers.  Rebecca isn’t expecting this post, because it’s her birthday I asked her if she thought she could bear to step away from the blog last night and not look til this morning, so that she could have a rest.  I said I’d take care of an article for the morning.  This is it – interrupting the regularly scheduled programming for a very important HAPPY BIRTHDAY announcement.


You see Findettes, as the editor of these multi-coloured pages, not only do I get the benefit of reading about Rebecca’s finds and adventures a wee bit ahead of time, I’m also in a very good position to see just how much of her heart and soul Rebecca pours into this blog.   She turns 30 today, and I know I’m not the only person who takes my metaphorical hat off to her.


I could waffle about how Rebecca is, to me, a kind of Wonder Woman, made all the better because she doesn’t pretend to be perfect or to have all the answers.  I could also tell you how she’s coped magnificently with more than her fair share of heartache and drama over the past few months.  How she deserves to be utterly celebrated today for what she’s achieved and just, well, you know, how she rolls.  But then I thought, there are 3 people who are very important in Rebecca’s life outside of FF who aren’t often involved in this blog.  Who better to wish her a heart-felt Happy Birthday than those who have made her who she is? 

Rebecca's little sister, Francesca

“For my fabulous big sister, – Happy 30th Birthday! You have achieved so much in your 30 years so far, more than some achieve in a life time! Add to those achievements being a strong, ambitious, kind and generous person – I am very proud to be your sister. I’m excited to see what the next thirty years (and thirty after that!) bring! You deserve a wonderful birthday celebration, I hope this is a good start to it! Lots of Love Francesca xx”

Rebecca's Mum

“I have loved Rebecca (as only a Mum does), from the moment she was born and I first saw her tiny face. The day she walked down the aisle and I saw the love in Pete’s eyes, I realised she was not my little girl any more but a strong beautiful woman, ready to move forward into the next phase of her life. I am so very proud of her achievements, how she does it all I don’t know! She is always there to support me through laughter and tears, she is my heartbeat and I wish her all the joy and happiness in the world for her magnificent thirties” 

Rebecca's Husband, Pete

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife! I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things we have planned over the weekend, and can’t wait to give you your present later as think you might like it! 😉
Everyone told me that my 30’s would be more fun than my 20’s. I’ve loved the last decade with you, so roll on the next…
Love you xo” 


So, happy thirtieth Rebecca.  Thank you for being precisely who you are.

Oh, and thanks to your family for replying to my stalkerish emails 😉


Gemma C-S xx

ps. everyone’s teary now, right?


DIY Project – Pumpkin Carving

This afternoon’s post is a project. One that I hope you’re all going to have a lot of fun doing!

Yesterday, I asked you what your Halloweens consisted of. Mine were always the same. We used to carve the pumpkin, then do apple bobbing, usually whilst wearing witches hats and cackling a lot. You know, it’s the small things, right?! 😉

However, one Christmas, I got sent a pumpkin carving kit from some relatives in America. It contained a little saw and scoop and several patterns to use like a stencil. The results were impressive and pumpkins have never been the same since! Although I’ve long since lost the kit I decided to try and recreate the effect myself this year with stuff I had at home and a pumpkin carving download.

You can find some pumpkin carving freebies herehere and here. I chose a bat silhouetted against the moon.

Now let’s get started!

What you will need…
A pumpkin – mine was £2.50 for a large one from Morrisons. (You need a decent sized one or the stencil won’t fit – it might be an idea to take your print out shopping and check!)
A big metal spoon to scoop out the insides and a big spoon (I used a serving spoon)
Your stencil, (see above.)
Something sharp to poke holes through the stencil – a cocktail stick worked for me but I eventually used a handle for corn on the cob. An olive pick would be just as good or skewer.
A small sharp knife, (take care!)
Pins or sellotape.

Preparing your pumpkin…
First off, cut a lid out of the tip of your pumpkin. I made mine zig-zaggy, but it can be any shape, just try to angle the incision rather than poking the knife in at 90 degrees, because then you create a lip for the lid to sit on too.

Ease the lid off after cutting through thoroughly and start scraping the contents off the lid and then from inside the pumpkin. Tip them out and keep going until the inside is smooth and flat with no dangling bits.

Starting your carving…
Pin your stencil flat to the best side of the pumpkin, (usually a flatter area is easier to do.) You may need to make cuts in the corners of the stencil and overlap the pieces to make it ‘wrap’ around the pumpkin.
Now using your sharp implement, poke holes along the lines of your stencil outline. Work your way around slowly, taking care not to miss any bits.

Now remove the stencil and you will see the pattern marked in dots to guide your cutting.
Very carefully start cutting the pattern out, following the dots. This gets more difficult in corners and curved areas so take care not to cut yourself, or a vital piece of the pattern!
I tend to push the pieces out a bit at a time, or push them back in to the pumpkin.
You might want to tidy the pieces up or straighten the angle you have cut the pieces out at, once you have finished.

All you have to do now, is add a tea light, pop the lid on, light it and enjoy!

Et Voila! A very grown up and stylish bit of Halloween fun!

Now you know there’s more to pumpkins than triangle eyes and zig zag mouths, have we inspired you to try something more adventurous? Drop me a comment if it’s a yes and tweet a picture of your creations to @florencefinds or pop a link on Florence’s Facebook page!


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