What to Wear: [Basics] Whistles Tailored Cigarette Trouser

I’ve got a couple of What to Wear posts coming at you this week, basically covering my wardrobe of outfits taken to London this weekend. I travelled down straight from work then changed for dinner, wore a day and evening outfit on Saturday, then another day outfit on Sunday. I was pleased with how well all the pieces mixed and matched so I thought I’d share it with you later.

However, first of all, a basic wardrobe staple that I purchased recently (when the 25% off Whistles with Grazia offer started – which is running until tomorrow, code WH20SS12, so make the most of it!) and have filled a chic hole in my wardrobe.

I think the majority of women will say that they find trouser shopping a nightmare, whether it’s leg length (for the record mine are rather short so most trouser legs require shortening) thunder thighs or hip/waist ratio problems, we all have our crosses to bear and so when I find a pair that suits I’m pretty pleased. Something I have wanted for a while now however is a pair of slim tailored trousers that finish at the ankle, a perennially chic length that works just as well with a weekend jumper as a blouse at work, perfect with heels or flats… and I found them at Whistles.

Yellow stripe jumper and Mia navy tailored trousers, Whistles

I have tried similar trousers on but the high street’s version of a cigarette pant, i.e. slim all the way down but not ‘tight’, seems to have in recent seasons been all about the ‘peg leg’ – a style I find most unflattering. If not peg leg, then some have been ridiculously slim cut, straining in completely inappropriate places and more resembling a legging. I knew I’d get a lot of wear out of this item so I decided to try Whistles with the offer, as they have a few similar styles in – the Justine at £95, the Mia at £110 and a couple of others. I tried both of the first two and opted for the (very fine) wool blend ‘Mia’, which with the discount were very reasonable I thought considering the quality. I just love the fit. This air is navy but both the Justine and Mia come in black too.

I’ve included two shots of this particular trouser in action, a bit of a dodgy one (above) in the hotel room (apologies for the appalling lighting) showing my work appropriate outfit pairing the trousers with my GAP pointed flats and a blouse. Then Sundays outfit with them worn again with the flats and my Whistles yellow stripe jumper (also seen here.)

I’ve also introduced a nifty little feature you can see below with some extra images of the outfits. I figured it might not be everyone’s cup of tea seeing several images of the same outfit so have just included two main ones here. However, if you want to flick through some others (with/without jackets etc,) then click on the gallery below. Let me know if you like it, or you’d rather just se them in full as I usually do. 🙂


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