#JanuaryJoy: Make a Calendar

One of the things I am terrible at doing is printing my photos. I’m pretty sure last year I intended to print some and when I got my new job I decided to print some for my walls, needless to say I haven’t done either of them. One thing I did do however was make a calendar and I reckon it’s one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to make use of your pictures and get enjoyment out of them every single day. It’s a start right?

Last year, I used Keepsy – not a cheap way to do it I hasten to add but at the time the only way I could find to make a calendar with my Instagram snaps. For each month I chose images format he previous year in the same month. It was so much fun looking back at where we had been this time last year and of course there were special images of people and things that represented that time, like my 30th birthday and our anniversary.

This year, I have decided to make a few different calendars – I have one in the kitchen, one in the study and one at work. I’ll be making the main one for the Kitchen using a medium calendar template from Photobox for the A4 wall calendar but I also saw this fab download that I had to share from Going Home to Roost. Just click though to download the template to make your own using the template pictured below.

Image via Going Home to Roost

I prefer to have lots of boxes below my pictures to add all our activities into, but a template like this is a simple and budget friendly way to make a calendar that is more for reference and checking dates (like I do at work.)

So, before you commit your photos to another year on your hard drive and never look at them again, give them an airing on your wall for a change and make a calendar!


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Florence’s Gift Guide #2

It’s time for another gift round up and I’m starting with a selection of Etsy gifts. There’s still plenty of time to order items from the US and get them here for Christmas, but act fast or you’ll be missing out and kicking yourself. (Ahem, not that I’ve ever found myself in that position before!)

  • For those with style, (and pets!) dress up your pooch in the latest prints: Trees print Dog lead – Gingers Wonders
  • This bag is a fabulous colour and perfect for make-up or a relaxed clutch. Orange silk vintage kimono frame clutch – LittleBirdie75*
  • I love letterpress, and treated myself to a letterpress calendar once. Any fan of typography would love this one… Letterpress Calendar – OrangeTabbyPress.
  • For an interiors enthusiast who is struggling to keep a nursery or playroom unique, you can’t beat a Sausage Dog! Sausage dog screen print – Jane Foster*
  • Everyone (no, really, everyone) needs notecards – the can-do-no-wrong gift. ‘Hello’ notecard set by Inhauspress.
  • Got a friend who has just moved house? How about a Custom Address Stamp? – Primele

*British Craftspeople

As my office has been pretty high on my priority list recently and because I know many of you guys reading either have a desk job, work from home or know someone who does, this is my selection of organisational gifts. After all, just because it’s work, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish does it?

And for those of you who requested a mens’ gift guide… I’m on it!

Spot anything you like here?


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