Dream Destination: Jollydays Glamping

This week, my mind just hasn’t been where it should be, and it’s only Tuesday. How I’m going to make it through to Friday heaven only knows, but what we all have to look forward to is the long bank holiday weekend. Yay for three lie-in’s and enjoying the last bit of summer before the September season finally arrives.

No sooner had I realised it was a three day weekend, then I started dreaming of what we could do with it. The first thing that sprung to mind was a trip away and it lead me to thinking that I should share this find with you: Jollydays luxury camping. I love camping, although I am picky about my conditions 😉 I like good weather and for it not to be too cold at night. I like cooking outside and I like staying up late having candlelit conversations with wine. I like stepping right outside from my bed and sniffing the air.

But I also like style, pretending I’m in the middle of some idyllic life where we all move outside for the summer and live off what we find in the woods and buy at the village shops. Am I the only one who thinks about these things?

Of course if you’re a total camping virgin or are slightly groundsheet-phobic I like that Jollydays has another option – the Deluxe Tent and luxury lodge tents with kitchen huts, showers and french windows. I love it.

Jollydays is just outside York towards the North East (see map) and because of the fires, makes a great getaway regardless of season. For more information see their website.

I’d love to hear if any of you have been glamping and if you can recommend anywhere for my first experience!?


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