Must-Do Monday: I Give it a Year

In a departure from the norm but in total synchrony with what this slot is all about, this is something I don’t want anybody reading to go without seeing. Pete and I love going to the flicks and this weekend when we were at a loose end and not really that keen on leaving the house at all, we decided to try the new Brit rom-com I Give it a Year.

If I were to say I haven’t laughed this hard at a film in my entire memory, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. Fortunately the cinema was pretty empty because Pete and I were actually rolling around in our seats, unable to catch our breath, with tears rolling down our cheeks. The humour ranges from cringe worthy (that Best Man’s speech) to inevitable but all-the-funnier-for-it. If you laughed at Bridesmaids then this is waaay funnier. It’s a great anti-valentine film if you don’t buy into all the hype, but also one your husband or boyfriend won’t demand favours as a reward for watching, (largely thanks to Stephen Merchant’s Gervais-esque turn.) Minnie Driver is priceless and Rose Byrne who I tend to find annoying pulls off a great comedic performance in one of the best scenes of the film.

Go see it, unless this type of film (Love Actually, Four Weddings,*) really isn’t your thing, you will love it. Do leave a comment if you have seen it already or if you do go, come back and let me know what you thought!


*There is actually a lot less ‘love’ and romance than in either of these – much more Four Weddings than Love Actually 🙂

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