#JanuaryJoy: Tidy Up

Todays post has a slightly ambiguous title, but isn’t as obvious as it sounds. Nope, I’m talking about a beauty tidy up here 😉

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I don’t know about everyone reading (although I will be seriously impressed if there are many of you who prioritise this kind of thing in the winter months,) but I haven’t looked properly at my own body for a long time. A combination of tiredness and a freezing house means that the clothes to pyjamas stage is fleeting in my house and I don’t hang around in the mirror in the bathroom either. As a result, some ahem, ‘essential’ maintenance has fallen by the wayside and I could do with some serious beauty attention. Around this time I always start to find that there are things that need doing from a beauty perspective. Christmas often means a hair cut, or toes to polish for parties and a pre-festive season haircut. Come the end of January it’s time to start thinking about peeling back the layers in a few weeks and generally making yourself (clearly, I’m projecting here,) feel better when you look in the mirror.

Right now although my hair is holding up well after a pre-New year hair cut, my toes are still glittery red from Christmas, and my body needs some serious attention. First on my list is to book a waxing appointment and start to feel attractive again.

On a slight tangent, on of the strengths of Florence Finds I always think has been the community sharing tips and recommendations and I thought maybe thats where we should take todays post. I think it’s the hardest thing to fid a great hairdresser, manicurist or waxer (and I’m sure we have all experienced a few horror stories in that department.) For me it was a revelation the first time I attended a salon where the therapist just got on with the job without appearing embarrassed to tell me where to put what. Sadly she moved on and I spent some time in the waxing wilderness (insert bad experiences here) and even did a bit of DIY, but for some time now I’ve been going to the Brazilian Waxing Company and highly recommend them. I always think beauty therapists are better when they just do one thing and although multi talented these ladies start off just learning how to wax and make a brilliant job of it too. (I also happen to like their ethos towards employing working mothers with flexible hours around childcare, but that’s another story…)

So ladies, today I’d like you to share your best contacts for a ‘tidy up’ of whatever nature, and where they are based – maybe we’ll all pick up a new beauty bff. 😉


The Brazilian Waxing Company
Manchester Oxford Rd and City Centre
Booking online or 0208 1234332

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