Christmas Gift Guide #6 – For book lovers

Today is our final gift guide, brought to you by Gemma who has rounded up some unexpected gifts for book lovers… I hope you all get your shopping finished this weekend if you haven’t already! x

1.       Kate Spade dictionary Ipad cover.  This is an excellent gift for two reasons: 1, it’s Kate Spade and therefore has serious fashion cred and a chic design, and 2, it makes it look like you’re reading the dictionary.  Plus, it’s a zip-around folio style so you can store papers and cards in it easily – great if your recipient is using an Ipad on the go or for work.  Plus, it’s pretty unisex which is always good.

2.       ‘Well Read’ T-shirt.  With a statement, Zoe Karssen-esque vibe without the high price point, the other thing that makes this tee so fab is that Every Well Read t-shirt purchase provides 4 new books for First Book, a non-profit organization that provides new books to schools and reading programs for low-income families. Having ordered a few Palmer Cash t-shirts in my time, I can tell you that they wash and wear well, too.

3.       Keeping a handwritten book journal is a lovely thing to do – yes, you can keep one online with, but there’s something satisfying in seeing handwritten entries.  I think a book journal makes a particularly good present for teenagers.

4.       The perfect present for Harry Potter lovers, coffee lovers, and those who love a good pun.

5.       I know, I know, Etsy is riddled with prints of quotes and literary posters.  But I do think that this one is one of the best and would make a great gift for a partner, or even for a Christmas wedding.

6.       These candles may actually be the best book lover present ever invented.  Organic  Booklover soy wax candles in book lover fragrances like ‘Oxford Library’, ‘Bookstore’, and the one that I’m desperate to buy – ‘Butterbeer’.  I also love the quirky design aesthetic – a great present for that cool friend who’s hard to buy for.

7.        Know someone bookish who’s expecting a baby? Or maybe they’re a child at heart? Either way, these postcards make for a gorgeous gift.  As well as being great for fans of retro design, I think they’d make a fabulous frieze in a nursery.

8.        Know someone who’s a big fan of dystopian fiction? Brighten up their January with this Folio Society tote bag – strong, sturdy and just the right size for a trip to the library and perfect for literary types.

Now you’ll probably have noticed straight away that there are no actual books on this list.  Never fear though, we have big plans for Florence’s Book Club to resume in the New Year – bigger and better than ever.  If you simply can’t wait for Christmas reading recommendations, or you need insider suggestions of a good book to get a friend for Christmas, leave your question in the comments and I’ll pop back through the day with suggestions.

Happy bookish Christmas,

love, Gemma C-S

ps, if you’re my husband and reading this, I’d like to remind you that I’ve been very good this year. 😉

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