Triple Temptation: The Pink Coat

Zara studio Coat // M&S Duster Coat // Ted Baker short coat with big collar

For AW13, there hasn’t been a bigger trend, more talked about within fashion circles and beyond, than the pink coat. Debuted on the catwalks of Carven, Mulberry and Celine, (see here) it was inevitable that they would filter down to the high street. Pink will be everywhere this season and if you want to stay away from traditionally dreary winter shades, this is the trend for you.

The real style is oversized, pale, candy or dusty pink, longer in length than we’re used to in recent seasons and either masculine or cocoon in shape, some with a belt. However, if these styles don’t tickle your fancy (they’re not universally flattering,) i’ll be surprised if the colour doesn’t spread to nearly all styles if it performs well in stores early in the season. This Ted Baker version is proof already.

This entire post was really an excuse to share the M&S Duster Coat – universally hailed as one of the best takes on the trend and at £89 considered to be a bargain. It went on sale yesterday online and instores and is likely to be a massive sell out, so get in quick if you want it or be prepapred to scour eBay! I have to say, through the miracle of styling in the picture above it looks fabulous, but skip through to the images online and typically M&S have managed to make it look terrible… I wouldn’t have been encouraged to buy. I know at least one of you has already though so I’d love to hear how it looks and feels in the ‘cloth’!

So can I tempt you readers? What do you think of the pink coat trend and M&S’s version particularly?


Florence’s Favourite: Blush

Clockwise from top left: Chanel Joues Contrast and Irreelle Blush, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, Benefit Dallas, Nars blush, Bourjois little round pot blush and Bare Minerals blush

If you asked me what my desert island beauty item would be (yes ladies, get your thinking caps on, I’ll be asking for yours in a minute!) it’s an easy choice for me. I have friends who won’t leave the house without mascara, but my downfall is my skin tone, being a completely monochrome, not terribly attractive yellow tone. If I’m tired, if my skin isn’t good, if I’m rushing out… the one thing I’ll never leave behind is a blusher. It perks up my face, makes me look happier, healthier and generally less scary! 😉

Benefit Dallas – gives me a bit of a winter tan if I’m feeling pale! The Benefit blush I love as a cheaper peachy gold summer alternative to the Nars shade below…

Nars ‘Orgasm’ – the holy grail of blushers. A peachy, sexy flush, that I prefer in summer but works year-round. Bare Minerals, best used with mineral make up bases in ‘flowers’.

As a result of this, I have a vast collection of different blusher shades. Admittedly, I wear different shades all through the year, pure bright pinks in the winter when my skin is paler then as I pick up a slight bit of colour in summer, I move onto peaches with golden tones.

Back right, the Bobbi Brown Pot rouge in ‘powder pink’ – a cream blush that I apply with a foundation brush or dab with my finger tips – a little goes a long way!

My most recent find has been neutral-ish dusty pink which seems to work every single day. I tend to vary my makeup choices according to my mood and occasion, and if you’re playing up your eyes or lips, the last thing you want is to come out looking like a clown with bright rosy cheeks too. This neutral shade has been a godsend for pairing with just about every make-up look I can conjure up.

So, tell me readers, what’s your dessert island beauty item? One choice only!


Friday Frock O’clock

This afternoon’s Friday Frock is a slight departure from the norm, a little out-of-left-field, if you will. In fact, today’s frock is not a frock, but a jacket.

Waterfall Jacket – French Connection, £155

There are two reasons for this. Number one, I believe in great quality, investment basics that form the backbone of your wardrobe. They might not be cheap but they should be infinitely wearable and I think this jacket is just that. And secondly, *whisper it* I just didn’t fancy writing about a frock today.

I bought this jacket last week, for the Christening I attended. I couldn’t find a season appropriate dress that I wanted to buy, and so I opted for a long time favourite from my wardrobe. I actually call it my engagement dress as it’s really that old – I wore it for several occasions when we were telling people about/celebrating our engagement and as such it’s in lots of happy pictures.

I’d seen a jacket in Warehouse that I liked the look of but when I tried it on the quality was appalling – a nice shape, but unlined, crumpled and the lapels wouldn’t sit right due to the poor construction. I was deflated but decided to keep looking for something similar. I eventually happened across this one in French Connection and it is beautiful. Just the right shape, it hangs beautifully, is cleverly tailored and bang on trend in a nude tone.

Just so you’re all not wholly disappointed in me, here’s a snap of said jacket and outfit, in action so to speak. (Maybe this can count as the ‘friday frock‘?) I think it’s going to look awesome with my pink trews 😉

Happy Friday Folks – come back tomorrow for the Saturday Survey and a very special sneak peek of what’s to come next week…


The Fash Flash… Think Pink

Just recently, I have seen an absolute onslaught of pink hitting the shops, and I’ve also seen it popping up all over the blogs, adorning the most stylish ladies and just generally making me want to wrap myself in it from head to toe. Pink used to be just a little bit un-cool, but it can certainly be done…

L-R Top Row: Fuchsia Dress, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere in Pink on Pink on Pink, Camel and Neon. Bottom row L-R: Bubblegum jumper and striped skirt, Hot Pink Blazer and bobble hat, Emily again in pink pants and khaki jacket.

So I thought I’d do a little round up of items in the shops that you can combine into your outfits at home:

So come on girls, tell me what you think? Is pink for you? Or will you be sitting this trend out?


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