Merry Twixmas…

First and foremost readers… I really hope you all had a very merry few days over Christmas. I feel bad that I didn’t get chance to post those wishes before Christmas but things were manic around here. The good news is that after working until 1am on christmas eve eve, 😉 we got the lounge looking presentable and ready to celebrate with our families. As you all listened to my woes in the run up to Christmas while one thing after another went wrong, I thought I’d post a few pictures of how it’s looking now. I’ll do another full post on the whole renovation process and suppliers/tradesmen in the new year but here’s what the room looks like today, mid Christmas obviously!

We were quite lucky in that we had chosen and bought lots of the ‘finishing touches’ like the mirror and light fitting, while the room was in progress, and the sofas were all ordered in time for Christmas delivery, so the room was relatively ready to go, but the decorations have helped make it look a lot more ‘done’ too. I’m looking forward to choosing the rest in the New Year. 🙂

Lastly, to those of you who are regulars here and surprised I’m blogging between Christmas and New Year, so am I(!) but I missed it after a sketchy couple of weeks and have quite a few posts in mind that lend themselves to the end of the year, so make sure you pop back over the next few days! 🙂


A work in progress…

I feel like I have been a bit quiet lately although the blog is keeping ticking over, and I don’t have much to report on the fashion, home or life front because it feels like nothing is happening. In actual fact, loads is happening but in this house I was determined to make the right decisions, so I have really allowed myself the luxury of time to mull over them. As we are doing room by room I’m getting the chance to carefully consider each element, how they go together and be sure I’m happy so hopefully there will be no costly mistakes. Of course, if all this sounds very decadent, let’s keep it real, we’re also desperately scraping cash together month by month to do each step of the renovation, so money is a limiting factor too. Today I thought I’d share some ‘progress’ pictures with you all, so you might get some insight into how I decorate.

After this post about my living room ideas I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is and decide if I can stomach this deep shade of blue on ALL the walls (I think Becca’s comment was spot on…) The Fabric here is Bluebellgray and the paint is Farrow and Ball Pitch Blue. I always try paint on lining paper so it’s not a nightmare to paint over patches of different shades and I always do one for each wall – everyone who has seen ours up have asked what the paints are, assuming it was more than one shade, illustrating how different they can look in different lights.

The bedroom is in a similar state although with more choice and after my fruitless search for a chalky pinky grey, we’re going back to actual grey in Cornforth White for in here. In the background you can see the large scale painterly floral fabric in grey with a touch of lilac that I’ve ordered the curtains in and the new windows are being fitted next week! Then come January, the wall you see here will be gone as it’s knocked through to the dressing room. I’m psyching myself up to move out into one of the chilly attic rooms!

Obviously, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and not having somewhere to eat in there was driving me mad. We ordered a table from which we knew would be an interim measure as in the future we homed to have an island in the new kitchen. Eventually it dawned on me that the lead time on it was so long (It still wouldn’t have been delivered by now,) that we should just get something from Ikea. While we were on one of many trips there it dawn don me that we could buy a free standing island and kill two birds with one stone as we also answered the question bout how feasible it would be to squeeze an island into that space.

So for £200 we got a kitchen table and island in one and I am using it for storage too with my Sophie Conran Crockery displayed on it along with my excessive collection of cookery books stacked on the top shelf.

Of course we needed some seating but ikeas selection was pretty poor and I wouldn’t have minded spending money on ones we would keep but I doubted that I had a clear enough vision on the kitchen to do that. Vicky tipped me off about these Tolix look-alikes from Home Bargains for £19.99! Incredible!

Lastly, we still don’t have our main tree up, but we did put a fake one in the hall as it was just crying out for some Christmas spirit…

Now we’re starting to make small changes and the house is working for us, it’s feeling much more like ours 🙂

I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s going on readers, have a great weekend,


Renovation Ruminations: The Living Room

The longer we are in the house and the more I immerse myself in interiors inspiration, the more I’m finding the creative juices are flowing for our decoration plans. I’m really starting to gain a huge amount of respect for people who take on full house renovations as there is so much to think about beyond the paint colours. At the moment we’re just at the ‘getting quotes’ stage, to get a better idea of the funds we need in place for each room. As much as I would love to get on with the living room/lounge, we’re limited as it’s going to be another whopper of a room to do properly, as it needs amongst other things, new windows, the chimney breast knocking through so we can replace a salvaged fireplace, new flooring and potentially new furniture as the current sofa isn’t ideal for the space.

The perfect living space for me… but is ‘warm’ enough for winter?

Decoratively, my biggest concern and challenge is to make this room work both in summer and winter. I’ve been through two big phases of decor in the last house, initially going with an industrial ‘period’, (when I had red damask wallpaper in the cosy dining room and the vintage salvaged photos on the wall.) Then more recently I moved to wards lighter, brighter interiors. This time, I want some colour and some warmth that will lend itself towards long winter nights but I want that colour to work equally well with brighter colours for the summer.

Office space // Selina Lake // Formal living space

At the moment I’m hugely drawn towards moody blue interiors. Not anything as dark as navy but no coastal or country-ish lighter shades either. I’m looking for the perfect smokey blue, inspired by many of the Bluebellgray images I have seen online. (Fi the creator of Bluebellgray uses Pointer Blue from Farrow & Ball in her home.)

Bluebellgray via Bright Bazaar

I’ve also fallen in love with Bluebellgray‘s fabrics. Previously I thought they were a bit too floral for me, with such a summery vibe, but having seen the latest fabrics and some abstract patterns (Via Bright Bazaar,) I think they could work season-round with toning blue shades and splashes of my favourite yellows and pinks.

Fireplace // Light Fitting // Paint swatches, all Farrow & Ball // Sofa // Floral fabric Swatch and room set, BluebellGray via Bright Bazaar // Gold Table Nest, Zara Home // Gallery wall

We’re planning to source a salvaged Victorian white marble fireplace to restore into the room, which I’m hoping will really pop against the blue. Despite my infatuation with the blues, I’m going to try and balance it by only having it on one wall, and keeping the rest grey. Other ideas include a mix of furniture, something in the bay window like a window seat or pair of danish chairs, splashes of warm gold or brass and some way of including the TV amongst lots of art on a gallery wall so it doesn’t take over the room.

So what do you think readers? Have you got any ideas? I’m really enjoying sharing my plans here – it’s proving really useful to think through all the design elements before actually doing anything!


A Reverie Lifestyle: Painterly Florals

Today I’m excited to announce that I have written a guest post for Reverie Magazine’s blog. You may remember when I introduced Reverie Magazine to you all shortly after the launch of their debut issue, and my enthusiasm for their beautifully produced magazine. I really don’t have enough words to describe how elegant the magazine is, covering weddings, fashion and lifestyle design. Since speaking with Mary Lee Herrington, co-founder with Kate Taylor of Reverie Magazine, I was very honoured to be asked to become their lifestyle contributor add a monthly dose of lifestyle inspiration to the Reverie blog.

This month I’m lost in thoughts of warmer weather, summer gardens and bold colour in romantic painterly florals, so that was my focus in an edit of everything from bed linen to Florence style frocks (of course!) inspired by Erdem’s florals and the artistry of modern watercolours.

Head on over to read the full blog post and get your Florence fix this morning!


PS The next issue is out on April the 12th! Look out for it!

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