Spotted: Birkenstock makes a Fashion return

Almost 3 years ago, I developed foot pain and thought I had a bunion. It just appeared one day and got sorer and sorer to the point that the only shoes I could wear were sandals that didn’t touch the affected area. Even trainers or Ugg boots hurt. Eventually I bought some insoles to correct my alignment and it relieved things a little. After several months it got better but it has come back a few times and each time it is a gigantic pain in the ass.

Image via DapperDetails

Now that I’m pregnant, I know my posture will change, plus the extra weight isn’t going to help and I really don’t want the problem to come back. I’ve started wearing my insoles again but lucky for me there’s a fashion solution too. This year Birkenstocks are back. I happen to be a massive fan but as more delicate thin soles have been fashionable for a few years, I haven’t worn them in a while. It’s perfect timing as they have built in support with the formed sole that supports your foot. So for once fashion follows form.

As I’m all for comfort and I know a few of you are too 😉 I thought I’d round up a few styles at different price points and see if any of you will be trying the trend or digging out an old pair?

White Birkenstocks (Madrid)// Silver glitter toe post footbeds // Khaki Birkenstock (Arizona) // Silver Birkenstock (Gizeh) // Brown Jewelled formed soled sandal // Gold footbed sandals

What do you reckon readers?


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