Friday Frock O’clock

Truth be told I haven’t done a lot of shopping recently. I’ve been living in the same cool and easy pieces because it is way too hot to be spending a day shopping and hanging around in changing rooms. It’s also that difficult time of year when the shops turn into a sale wasteland, you’re pining for some fresh fashion inspiration, yet the new stock looks dark and miserable. I had resigned myself to not finding anything when I decided to check Zara out and found this in their new season collection.

Zara Bird Print Dress – £45.00

Oriental prints are making a slow comeback in fashion right now and there’s going to be a lot more of them in the AW13 colections. I’ve never worn a lot of red but I love the vibrant shade of this dress and the fresh white cranes or storks with their nod to the Orient, yet no hint of the fancy dress about them.

At £45 I think it’s a bit of a steal. Run, don’t walk readers…


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