Cutting Edge: AW13 Hair – The Clavicut

This season, there’s only one haircut to be seen in and for once in my life, it happens to be the one I am loving AND wearing. Right now, it’s all about the Clavicut.

To me, this is the original Olivia Palermo long bob. Curly or straight she’s been wearing it for years (ironically, she’s grown it out now, but I guess that’s what it is to be a trend setter.) The lady who is really rocking the look though, is Rose Byrne. The clavicut is as it sounds, a slightly longer length, clavicle skimming. For the first time ever, mid-length is cool.

Historically I have always gone for a shorter bob, chin length or below, styled straight but with volume. It was easy (read: lazy) and dare I say it, at a time in my life when I was out of control, it made me feel together. Laziness leads to longer lengths in my life, then I found myself growing my hair out for curling purposes and Jess’s wedding. The longer it got, the more I could do with it and I’ve fallen in love with the versatility, even putting my hair up for Jess’s wedding – the first time since my own over 4 years ago.

And for all you blondies out there, here’s a few lovely star clavicuts in lighter shades.

So I’m super happy to be on trend and to report I’ll be keeping my hair as it is (and growing it that touch further onto my clavicles,) for the perfect Clavicut.

What do you think readers? Can I tempt any of you? Are you thinking of growing out a shorter style or chopping longer locks? I’d love to hear!


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