Friday Frock O’clock

Denim Pinafore Dress £23, ASOS.

Is it me, or is ASOS on fire right now?

I never used to shop at ASOS, or if I did, it was more like you would in a department store, looking at brands they stock instead of their own range. I perceived it as too young and poor quality but I’ve realised once you get past the gazillion bodycon lycra-esque dresses, there’s some pretty up tot he minute items on there and you can’t fault the prices for a fashion fix. I really love ASOS Collection – their more ‘cutting edge’ London designed selection and it’s from there that this week (and last week’s) dress hails from.

I’m a real fan of dressing down at the weekend and am having a love affair with denim. Whilst you won’t find me getting back into my dungarees from my teenage years, there was something sweet about this pinafore dress that I loved and given the cool weather we’ve been having, I loved the idea of layering up with a long sleeved tee underneath. It’s a youthful look but I think with some ankle boots or preppy flats it could work all summer long and for £32, why not try the trend?

Happy weekend readers! I’m driving down south for a bit of wedding prep with Jess and hoping for glorious weather. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂


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