The Fash Flash: Green with Envy

There’s something about emerald that for me just makes me think of couture… there’s something so elegant about a vivid emerald green gown. Yet when done top to toe with a car coat, printed pants and a striped knit, it looks clean and modern.

Lace back dress // Emerald gown (Zac Posen) // velvet burn out gown // J.Crew modern green outfit

It’s all very well day dreaming about couture, (wouldn’t you just die to wear that Zac Posen gown?) but when I’m planning outfits I always look for inspiration in how people are wearing certain styles or themes on the streets. Colour used in an unexpected way… interesting shapes and patterns.

Ski knit and green coat // Modern green dress // J.Crew printed pants // Jade jacket // British racing green jacket

Despite my love affair with emerald, the fashion world doesn’t seem to be sharing in my passion for the shade. However I have sought out a few pieces in green (of many shades,) that are spring appropriate for you.

Printed pants and sequinned skirt, J.Crew* // Skinnies // Light knit // Scarf // Cable knit jumper* // weekend stripe dress // Oxfords* // Puma classics* // Lace dress*// Trophy Wife nail colour //  Body Warmer // Hunter boots

The thing about green is that it’s so fresh and springy. I’m just getting to the stage of wanting to invite spring into my wardrobe but nobody wants to look like a fashion queen in season inappropriate attire. The rich tones of these teals, emerald, grass, jade and apple greens make them perfect for the promise of warmer weather but not out of place in the wet and blustery gales we’re having. I’m particularly loving the J.Crew take on shades of green in sequin metallic skirts and exotic patterns teamed with chambray and casual neutrals.

Have you found any green items to take your fancy lately? Do share them in the comments box!


*Florence’s favourites 😉

Found: Flipboard for iPad and iPhone

A little while back, Vicky was kind enough to pop over and talk about he new iPhone 4S release with a very witty round up. Since then, I’ve been wanting to share one of my top finds with you, for blog browsing, Flipboard. Apologies to the Android users as I don’t know if there’s an android version, but it’s available for iPhone as well as iPad. (all images taken from my iPad)

As you can imagine, I read a lot of blogs and until I found Flipboard, I really hadn’t found anything that was great for following them all. I absolutely detest Google Reader (sorry Google, please don’t unleash your mighty wrath!) – the never ending lists just depress me and I don’t think it’s a particularly visual interface.

Flipboard basically arranges all of your feeds into an easy to use and visually pleasing (I’m a sucker for pictures) magazine-like app. When you open it up it does a slideshow of images posted recently in your twitter contacts, (above) then you swipe the page to flip over and see your feeds. Obviously you can have pages and pages of them if you like!

I like it because I’m such a visual person. I don’t keep up with all the feeds all of the time, but it means either, if I’ve been on it recently I can identify the new ones easily, or once I’ve tapped into particular feed, I can flick through and find where I left off easily by recognising the post images.

Once you ‘tap’ into any particular feed the lay out changes again, to a kind of magazine format which you can just turn the pages of by ‘swiping’ across. It’s great for skimming and seeing if there’s anything you want to read. Once you tap through to the actual post you want to see more of, you can then choose to view it in the web format if you wnat to see the whole blog and comment, or email it, tweet it etc.

I’d love to know how you follow the blogs you love – they have a habit of getting out of hand don’t they? Because I found Flipboard, I’ve never delved into Bloglovin’ and I don’t particularly like the RSS feed in my MAC mail either.

How do you keep up with the latest blog posts?


Festive Food: Rachel’s Spiced Apple Muffins

This afternoon, we have a slight break from the usual schedule and we’re bringing what is normally Friday Food to you a little early, (under the cunning guise of festive food – clever no?!) There are a few reasons for this, firstly, I have something to fit in tomorrow, but secondly, I was so excited to receive this from my lovely sister-in-law that I just had to post it! Despite her protestations, Rachel has been amazingly supportive of me starting Florence Finds and I’m so thrilled to include her on these pages. Please give Rachel a big Florence Finds welcome… 🙂

I’d like to introduce myself to all you lovely readers out there! I’m Rachel, Rebecca’s sister-in-law (Pete’s sister) and I have a confession to make. I’ve not been very supportive of Rebecca in her new venture. Being a big of a blog-reading-virgin, it has taken me a while to become used to checking out FF every day, so I am writing this by way of an apology to Rebecca (and because these buns are so damned delicious, I couldn’t not share!)

Every week, my daughter and I attend a toddler group, where one of the activities is baking. We made these not long before Christmas and I can honestly say they are the most baked thing in my kitchen at the moment.

Image credit: Eat Make Read.

Now, I’m no master baker – so for me to be able to share something with you that’s successful is really saying something! I remember (and probably so does Pete) in my younger days, trying to bake at home and it often (always) going wrong – whether I’d left out the sugar, forgotten to line the tin or just not read the instructions properly! For me, being on the Great British Bake Off will only ever be a dream – but I really do enjoy baking!
So, here we go……

Apple Spiced Muffins!
(makes 12 large muffins or 24 small buns)
125g butter, diced
75g caster sugar
50g soft brown sugar
2 eggs
200g self-raising flour
1 tsp cinnamon or mixed spice
75ml milk
3 eating apples of choice tossed in a little lemon juice to stop them browning (I used cooking apples once and they were great!)
30g sultanas

1. Pre-heat an oven to 190°c. Place butter and sugars in a bowl and beat together until creamy. Add the eggs one at a time mixing until well combined.
2. Sift the flour and cinnamon/spice together. Gradually beat in the flour and milk, alternating between the two until well combined with the butter mixture.
3. Fold in the grated apple and sultanas and combine well with the batter (I use a whisk for this part!).
4. Spoon the batter into greased muffin tins so they are just below ¾ full. Bake for 20 minutes.

TOP TIP: Don’t be tempted to do what I did once and put in extra apple (because I was feeling healthy). The extra weight made the batter too heavy and they didn’t rise. Saying that, a visiting friend enjoyed them so much, she left with half the batch I’d made that day, so they couldn’t have been too bad!

Seriously, these are so easy to make! If I can do it… and all that! Happy baking! Now I must go and check that carrot cake that’s in the oven. Whoop Whoop!

Rachel xx

PS: My New Year’s Resolution: To read Florence Finds EVERY day. Oh – and to be more organised with the food shopping (but don’t tell my husband!)

PPS: I’m making a spinach and chick pea curry on Saturday night for friends – if it’s any good, Rebecca may let me post it! Watch this space!

Florence’s Fantasy Gift List…

Before we move onto something serious this afternoon (and totally at odds with this tongue in cheek collection of lust-worthy and shamelessly material must-haves,) I thought it would be fun to put together a no holds barred, money-no-object list of ‘I wants’ and then I’d like to hear yours.

It’s always lovely to be treated to something you couldn’t normally splurge on, or perhaps treat yourself to something for a special occasion, but as my father-in-law says (and I don’t always necessarily agree with,) ‘the fun’s in the looking’, and boy did I have fun creating this list 😉

Feast your eyes ladies 🙂

  • The penguin hardback classics are popping up everywhere with their quirky cloth bound covers but it’s the The F Scott Fitzgerald collection I’m lusting after, with the deco foil designs in metallic shades to glam up my book case.
  • Monica Vinader is a recent obsession of mine, particularly the faceted slices of semi-precious stones she uses for lobe candy – (from Astley Clarke.)
  • It wouldn’t be a Christmas list without a design classic and for my new office, how about this corian and walnut desk from The Conran Shop. Its stylish lines would surely provoke constant inspiration?
  • I’m already thinking of spring and pastels will be a big trend, so have a finger party with a stack of candy coloured bands and nuggets of pretty stones from Astley Clarke, made with the Stacking ring creator. (Spend over £100 on stacking rings and get a £25 gift – Enter RING25 at the checkout.)
  • There’s nothing more luxurious than shearling and this jacket is super soft, a stylish shade and insanely warm. Liora Mid-grey shearling jacket, Reiss.
  • For the (techy) love of my life, this beautiful iPad sleeve by Mulberry. Only the best for my baby 😉
  • To make life with Florence Finds even easier, a Macbook Pro would be a practical but stylish addition to my stocking please Santa, for swift on-the-move editing and lots of Skype face time conversations with everyone from Gemma, to Laura in Canada and my sister in Birmingham.
  • And the Red onion haircalf quilted Bayswater. Need I say more? A steal at £1,924.

Just to humour me, and because I know no-body wants to be in work anymore, drop a comment into the box below and leave me your fantasy festive wish list for some fun on the countdown to the holidays 🙂


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