Real Rooms: A White with Brights Office make-over

This afternoon, you’re all in for a treat. It’s a Real Room and, like Juliet who is sharing her office space with us today, I reckon office spaces are amongst my favourite to swoon over when collecting inspiration online. It’s fabulous seeing where creative people make the magic happen and how they express their personality and fuel their own creativity by decorating their workspace so I hope you enjoy looking at Juliet‘s (who is a professional photographer) office renovation.

I have a little confession to make, I am utterly addicted to seeing people’s workspace. However, not some boring corporate office, no, the creative type’s home office. There is indeed a new term for it, ‘Office porn‘. There I said it, I love a good workspace, I love discovering them on line, I love pinning them in Pinterest and I have an Inspiration board to prove it!

Image Credit: Juliet McKee Photography

So anyway, I recently had the audacity to turf my youngest child out of her room and claim is as the heart of my business 🙂 Don’t worry, she’s fine and happily sharing bunk beds with her big sister in a room twice the size. For 4 long years I had ‘holed’ up in the corner of my dining room. It was cramped and lacked storage space, the room was a clutter and so was my brain. Clearly something had to change. Photographers like me can spend a great deal of time at their desk; making phone calls, emailing, planning, editing, blogging, and the odd bit of social networking – of course. For me this environment needs to be light and airy with plenty of fresh air. A comfortable seat is a must along with a desk that’s the correct height, ignore these and you’ll be well on your way to developing a very uncool ‘Dowager’s Hump’!

I decided white walls would provide a good blank canvas, with bursts of colour being provided by accessories. I couldn’t resist hanging the tissue paper pom poms left over from my daughter’s birthday party for some instant colour.

Image Credit: Juliet McKee Photography

My desk lamp is a combination of a lamp bought from Tesco sale with a custom shade bought on line. I love Amy Butler’s glorious ‘Bliss’ fabric and the way it clashes with the green lamp base. The little storage draws are really useful for lip salve, tape, memory cards and all sorts of little knickknacks I usually mislay. I would love a beautiful Mac, it would look so sexy on my desk, but for now my Iilama monitor does a great job. My Harmon/Kardon speakers are also see through providing great vibes while I work yet taking up little visual space.

Image Credit: Juliet McKee Photography

The best thing about the room is that it looks over the garden! Being south facing it’s a very bright room. This was my first attempt at fitting a blind. (It’s fine as long as no one hangs off it!).

I created the word art for these Ikea frames in Photoshop, I’d just seen Julia Roberts interviewed by Oprah on her role in Eat Pray Love and they seemed the perfect inspiration for me, with a little bit of customization.

Image Credit: Juliet McKee Photography

I now have loads of storage for paperwork, books and equipment. Everything has a place and my brain as well as my office is now less cluttered.

Before the makeover the room was the quintessential pink girlie nursery and I loved it, but time moves on and I think it’s important to use the space you have creatively. I know for a fact that I am so much happier in my work now I have this room to work from, it was the right thing to do.

Get the look:

  • Desk, book shelves, pinboard, grey filing cabinet, white frames,white storage files and boxes, all Ikea.
  • Pink and blue storage boxes on shelf; W H Smith.
  • Chair; Dwell.
  • Lamp base: Tesco.
  • Lamp Shade; ShadyLady.
  • Black and white Vintage frames; Ebay.
  • Mini desk draws, Wilkinson.
  • Files, Tesco.


So what do you think readers? Do you have a home office space? Are you a fan of white with brights decor?




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