Naked Ambition

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few friends for various catch ups and chatter; Naturally the conversation turned to Florence Finds and I told them how happy I was with the way the blog was growing already even though it’s such early days. On Thursday, I met Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams and once again the conversation turned to the future, hopes, dreams and plans.  As we’re both at a similar crossroads in life we shared concerns and ideas, and after talking to her I came away thinking, how acceptable is it to be ambitious?

It seems to me that ambition isn’t a terribly ‘British’ pursuit. Being ambitious requires a certain degree of tenacity, the ability to constantly push yourself forward, seizing opportunities and indeed making them. As people ask me how Florence Finds is going, my thoughts naturally leap forward to not how, but where it’s going. The answer is, I’m not quite sure.

It seems uncouth to look to be financially sucessful, and certainly to talk about it. I hear people everyday talk about how they ‘love their job’ almost as an excuse for it bringing them financial reward and declarations of ‘I don’t do it for the money!’  It’s all very well to do things because you love them, but when they’re a sideline and detracting from the main source of your income, the thing that is taking your life where you want it to go, then what?

Blogging has opened up such a world of opportunities to me and exposed me to some truly admirable business people, many of them women. Business was never on my radar as featuring in my future but I think the fact that I am naturally quite driven (or so people tell me) means that having gotten involved in it in the past, I’m wondering if it’s somewhere I want to go again. But how much risk is involved in being ambitious? It seems to me the biggest risk is failure, and not just failing, but doing it publicly. If you’re afraid to fail, how can you ever truly commit to putting your heart and soul into a project, honestly and publicly?

Fortunately I’m not much of a one for listening to nay-sayers or doubting myself. In someways my headlong rush towards new opportunities has lead to some sticky situations, but everyone of them can be chalked up to experience and has taught me so many lessons for the future.

Right now I’m treading water, waiting, watching. The passtime that I call my ‘day job’ is actually a profession, a career, a vocation. Yet after years of training I’m letting it tick along on the back burners while I see this chapter of my life close and wait for the first lines of the next one to be written.

Under it all is the naked ambition to want more for my life. I didn’t train this hard to tread water. I didn’t take a leap of faith to break my career’s progression for nothing. I want to move house, have space to invite my friends and family more often, have a Christmas in our home. I want to be tangibly sucessful, not base my worth on twitter followers, percieved influence and false praise.

All this left me thinking, do you consider yourself ambitious? Have you considered your life’s path recently and wondered how to take it in the direction you want? Maybe you’ve already taken a leap. What is it that drives you forward in life?


PS. In case you’re wondering, one of my slightly ahem, smaller, ambitions right now is to sort out the mess that I call my office. The images above come from my Pinterest collection of inspiring office spaces 😉 One step at a time, ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ and all that!

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