Looking Back…

This evening I thought I would use this ‘down time’* between Christmas and New Year to take a moment and reflect. I saw a tweet by DKNY PR girl asking:

In 2013, what was your biggest accomplishment?

We don’t often reflect on our achievements and successes in life and I think it’s a good thing to do. After all, it makes you feel good. It reminds you that you can achieve your goals and gives you hope and inspiration for your resolutions for 2014.

I thought I’d ask you all what your biggest achievement for 2013 was and I’d love it if you would share them here. It might be something monumental like having your first (or third) baby and holding it all together, or something monumental-for-you like getting over a personal challenge or learning how to fight anxiety or depression. You might have lost a lot of weight, made a lifestyle change, or grafted slowly all year to build the foundations of something you’re looking forward to next year, like raising a house deposit. Did you get that new job, or bite the bullet and leave one? Did you try something new or kick a bad habit? Did you make a new friend or help an old one? Did you finally finish War and Peace? 😉

So share your greatest achievement or just something yore really proud of, and feel free to share a few more, after all, who’s counting when it’s all good stuff?


*I know not everyone is off between Christmas and New Year – I’m certainly not!

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