Looking back…

Today is usually the day that I share my Instagram round up of the month, but on the last day of the year I feel more like looking back once more, before the calendar moves forward.

It might sound strange but at the beginning of 2012 I had an overwhelming sense of positivity for what was to come. I just knew 2012 was going to be good. Perhaps that was because 2011 had been an epic struggle at times, in my career, as a blogger, it was only my relationship that had held fast throughout. 2012 has more than lived up to expectations and I feel the same sense of excitement now to see what 2013 brings.

I promised myself that we would go away more and Pete and I had several breaks. In January we went to The Drawing Room in the Elan Valley and it was so good we’re going back this January, this time with Jess and Dan.

In February we went to Italy to Ski and March saw us in Shoreditch at The Hoxton.

In May we did a long-awaited road trip from San Francisco via Yosemite, Sequoia National Park and Death Valley to Las Vegas.

June saw us on the West Coast of Scotland in Arisaig for a family wedding, in July I went with my Mum and sister to Bath and the Thermae Spa, and in September Pete and I went to Cornwall to The Llawnroc before another wedding in Farnham and stayed at The Aviator.

November saw us back in America visiting Florida (and Disney) for some R&R, ending up in Miami via the Everglades. I really can say I fulfilled that ambition!

After qualifying in 2011, 2012 was the year I found my feet at work. Although I work as a locum, for the majority of the year I have been in the same practice and it’s given me a huge amount more confidence as I settle into the responsibility of being a fully fledged GP. Now I finally feel ready to settle down into a more permanent job if the right one comes along. I also almost burst with pride as Pete got a job he wanted and loves. Hopefully he’ll be there for a long time.

And of course, I turned 30… 😉

Florence Finds has gone from strength to strength. Almost 2,000 of you pop into Florence Finds on a daily basis, which frankly just blows my mind. Heading off to London Fashion Week and being nominated for 2 Cosmo Blog awards was pretty exciting, as well as my first magazine mention in Closer Magazine and later writing for Company Mag. And of course, with Michelle I launched Dream. Find. Do. and held our first 2 workshops.

Besides all of that though, the blog has given me great pleasure. I’ve planned decor projects, documented my cooking adventures, met new people, and had fun with my wardrobe, not to mention enjoyed reaching new readers. Thank you so much to all of you who come here and help to give Florence Finds the community that I treasure.

If you have time today, spend ten minutes thinking about what you have achieved this year and give yourself credit where it’s due, even if that’s for surviving a less than perfect year. Please share your highs and lows in the comments box – all comments welcome, no matter how epic!

See you on the other side readers!


January Joy!

Image Credit: Emmaline Bride

Ahem, ‘Joy’ might be a little enthusiastic for the month that is generally the most depressing of the year, but I have good news for you! January is going to be fabulous! Well, here on Florence Finds it is anyway. 😉

I promised you lots of fun stuff for January so as well as saying a big fat Happy New Year to you and yours, I’m taking the opportunity to enlighten you as to why January is going to be so great and what lies ahead.

Traditionally January is a bit gloomy. Everyone is feeling a little bloated, craving fresh clean food after the excesses of Christmas, swearing off alcohol, pleading resolutions of purity when it comes to food and I’m no exception to the rest of you. So this week and throughout January on Florence Finds, I’m going to be sharing recipes that are low fat, healthy, easy to make and most importantly delicious, to get your year off to a good start!

Do you ever find there’s just nothing to do in January? Everyone is broke after Christmas, bills are looming, no one wants another boozy night out, so everyone just stays in. Boring. But there’s an upside to all that staying at home on the couch… you get to plan. Take stock of life, plan your holidays, a home renovation project, tackle the spring cleaning or a wardrobe clear out. Holidays and home improvements cost money, but the planning doesn’t and they’ll be all the better for the research you put into them now. So I’m going to be sharing some fabulous travel destination guides and hotel reviews to inspire you, and a few home make-overs that readers have sent in, including the long awaited redecoration project of my own that I mentioned way back when.

I mentioned bills, I mentioned being broke. Depressing subjects, but a necessity in January, so I’ll also be looking for things to do for free that can keep you happy in January. Think beautiful walks and free exhibitions to cheer you right up. I might even venture into money. You have been warned.

And last but not least I’ve got a few beauty DIY’s up my sleeve to help you emerge from the gloomiest month of the year glowing and confident, ready to take on the rest of 2012!

Welcome to January and 2012 on Florence Finds, I hope you all enjoy it and I’d love to hear any suggestions for things you would like to hear or read about this month.


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