Spring Series: Accessory Alert

Part of spring for me is getting ready for warmer weather. The seasons and good weather are so unpredictable here in the UK that I hate to miss out on unexpected warmer days because I didn’t have my summer items on standby. Most people have summer clothes hanging around ready to be worn, but a few well chosen accessories can have you covered in all situations, season ready and raring to go.

  • First up choose a hat, not only will your skin thank you for it, but in one form or another, they’re going to be big this year. Fashionista’s are wearing a baseball cap with city tailoring, but for more casual everyday wear choose a big straw floppy hat for seventies chic.
  • Pick up some inexpensive sunglasses early in the season and keep them in your bag. Nothing says spring time sunshine like that feeling you get wearing your favourite pair. I’ll be investing in some Ray Ban Aviators, plus some fun coloured Wayfarers (all ASOS)
  • Go big or go home. Chunky jewels never go out of style and appeal to the colour crusher in me. J.Crew makes the ultimate examples but ASOS has some great styles (Floral Bug Necklace) for a lot less. Use them to brighten your outfit when the weather fails you.
  • Bags get less structured and a whole lot more fun come the summer months. Again, choose neon brights to punch things up or look for relaxed fabric styles for a boho vibe.
  • Time to polish up that pedicure as its time to bare your toes. Choose some trend led budget flats and save the cash to splash in a pair of longer lasting classic wedges.

What are your must have’s for summer?


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5 thoughts on “Spring Series: Accessory Alert

  1. I have always liked wedges, but I am so clumsy I can not walk in them. I always end up twisting my ankle because I fall into the trap of thinking I am wearing flat shoes, kind of. Is there a technique?

    I love chunky necklaces, and a big straw hat tempts me but I am not really sure it won’t look out of place… even in the warmest Dutch day. (Says the girl who always ends up going to the sea side with a jacket… it gets so windy.).

  2. Think I need to see what’s actually still in my summer wardrobe! Think I have a few similar pieces but loving the Zara flats. Also keen to add a few statement necklaces to my accessories collection. Roll on the opening of the J Crew store!!


  3. LOVE that bag! For me the biggest must have for summer is flip flops, I love them. For a few years New Look were doing these fantastic elegant leather ones, simple but beautiful and so comfortable, I bought them in all 3 colours! The brown ones are starting to die now and I wish they still made them but they don’t 🙁 oh and a floaty maxi dress- but like Amanda above I cannot, just cannot walk in wedges, really wish I could as they look so good with maxis!

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