Spread the Valentine’s Love…

Valentine’s day is a little bit like Marmite. People either love it or hate it but that appears to be a uniquely British attitude propagated by a combination of stiff upper lip and abject scorn at those who want to wear their hearts on their sleeves. I definitely fall into the love it camp, although only when it’s done the right way. I don’t believe in celebrating your relationship once a year but everyday. I can take or leave the over priced restaurant tables and tacky black and red V-day paraphernalia, but for once I think our friends across the pond have got it right and I love the idea of celebrating all of those people you love and telling them so. My Mum often sends me parcels for Valentines day with cute presents and notes. I think it’s a shame we don’t embrace that side of it more.

Should the fancy take you, I’ve been collecting a selection of treats and DIY’s to inspire you. Even if you don’t make them, they’re pretty sweet for a Monday 🙂

Date Night Valentine Arrows // Valentines garland mailer DIY // DIY Heart gift wrap // Rock Sugar Cookies // Heart topped fruit tart // Sweet Pea Valentine gifts // Heart Tree installation // Chocolate Pomegranate tart // Make heart shaped cinnamon rolls // Pink lemonade cake.

So, now it’s over to you. Do you celebrate V-day with your beloved, or less traditionally with family and friends? I’d love to hear what you’re doing and if you’ve made anything. For us this year it’ll be some QT at home with M&S food 😉


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11 thoughts on “Spread the Valentine’s Love…

  1. In the past we have ‘done’ Valentine’s, but that was when we were still out to impress each other! Now an M&S meal in sounds perfect (and unfortunately I will also be looking after a poorly dog who is having an op on Thursday). I really like the idea of baking something special though, those cinnamon rolls look delicious!

  2. Do you know, for once I really couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day. I usually want to do something (usually have a nice meal at home) and we always exchange at least cards, but this year I really want to ignore it. But it’s for a nice reason, because I feel like my hubby has been showing me how much he loves me every day recently that to take a day to acknowledge it would be weird. I’m in a bit of a family love bubble, I guess :o)

  3. Another vote here for the M&S dine in deal! Though we’ll be having it on Friday instead as I’ve got a job interview on the 15th and don’t think I’ll be very good company the night before! x

  4. We never ‘do’ valentines (I really don’t buy into the concept) but will probably use it as an excuse to get a takeaway and have a bottle of something nice.

  5. For the first two years of our relationship we went out for a meal…& always felt like we were sharing our table with strangers – they really cram you in! Ten years on and this year we’re progressing from the M&S meals to a home-cooked one…as it’s so rare we have the time to cook together now we’re parents! How times have changed…

    …I love the diy arrows – so cute xx

  6. I definately don’t do valentines day. Its sad but true that no other day of the year has ever managed to make me feels so wholely inadequate lonely and unattractive as valentines did for about 10 years of my life between mid teens and mid 20s. Now I no longer feel any of these things, but I refuse to contribute in any way to other people feeling like this by buying into the commercial twaddle that valentines is. sorry to be so bah humbug about it but there you go!

  7. I love Valentines as an excuse to brighten up the grey dismal wasteland between New Year and Spring. I wouldn’t go out though – I’ve read too many articles about chefs getting rusty heart shaped tins out and I think many restaurants are lazy about it. We like to go for M&S lobster thermidor, if they have it, as an outrageous treat!

    That pie with the heart crust is possibly the cutest pie I have ever seen! Love the cinnamon rolls too (never had one but they sound good and look better)

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