Spotted: Victoria by Victoria Beckham

I am somewhat partial to a dress, and I’m also a massive fan of Victoria Beckham’s now established transition from pop superstar to incredibly impressive fashion designer. Even better, her designs are seen on so many celebrities and although some of you might be surprised at this, look equally good on curvier ladies as women with a similarly petite frame to Mrs Beckham herself.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham, SS12. Image Credit:

So it was with great interest that I heard last year that she was bringing out a diffusion line of, you guessed it, dresses. Aimed at a more accessible price point depending on how you look at it of £375-995, which is substantially less than her main line which runs in to the ££££’s.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham, SS12. Image Credit:

If you’re not familiar with her usual style Victoria is famous for impeccably cut sheath dresses for seriously upmarket chic. The new collection is a departure from her usual in the biggest way, shorter, girlier, and more fun. Apparently, VB was inspired by Emily the Strange, a cultural point of reference that has totally passed me by, but the cute cat and moon prints aren’t lost on me at all.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham, SS12. Image Credit:

I’m seriously in love. And whilst most of us aren’t lucky enough to be able to afford dresses like this for everyday, I think if you’re looking for a special outfit for say a wedding, a milestone birthday or event, there are some beautiful examples here that still retain a great deal of style quirk and statement appeal whilst remaining chic and stylish.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham, SS12. Image Credit:

Bravo Victoria.

See more on the Victoria Beckham website… the dresses above are just my picks.

What are your thoughts readers? Do you like the collection?


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7 thoughts on “Spotted: Victoria by Victoria Beckham

  1. I adore both the long sleeved cream dresses. Not enough dresses have long sleeves! I need a dress for the registry office part of my wedding, but sadly even the VB diffusion line is still a bit out of my budget. Lovely to start a Monday morning looking at pretty dress pics though!

  2. I have to hold my hands up and admit that a few years ago when VB announced she was moving in to fashion I was very sceptical and probably scathing of her ambition to be a designer. However I think she had proved many wrong including myself and I love her dresses, wish I could afford one! I am not too keen on the billowy style ones but only because I think they can only work on a size six or under unless you want to look a size larger than you are but the others are fabulous.

    And totally right Rebecca, these would look be great for a wedding or big occasion. Hmmm, now I do have a wedding to attend this year … 🙂

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