Spotted: The Mulberry Harriet

I try to be democratic on Florence Finds, and cover clothes for all budgets, but sometimes Florence must imitate life and reflect something I have been coveting beyond all reason, beyond financial sense.

Today, that lust after item is one of my all time favourite brands, Mulberry. Going from strength to strength and even seeing sales rise despite the recession, it’s not hard to see why when they produce such stylish yet classic bags.

Today, I’m sharing my favourite from the recent early collection releases… The Mulberry Harriet bag.

Ok, they’re astronomically expensive, but there are times in life when you need a treat, a windfall perhaps, a work bonus or inheritance, hell even a lottery win. Particularly when the weather is like it has been recently, some online window shopping is most definitely allowed.

I’m not sure I’m 100% on the sludgy green colour, although I imagine it would look fabulous with neutrals, but I am in LOVE with the satchel in navy spongey patent. And could that shade of nude-beige look anymore luxe?

No, I didn’t think so either.

So just close one eye, squint a little and block out the price, then tell me your favourite. Let’s lust after them together…


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17 thoughts on “Spotted: The Mulberry Harriet

  1. I actually really like the ‘sludgy’ green colour… although I don’t like it that M-berry describe one of their pale pink leathers as ‘plaster pink’ – it makes me think of, um, sticking plasters and bandaids. xx

  2. Mulberry is my fav by far of the designer bags I actually invested in one two years ago with my bonus a black mitzy hobo and it has been an investment as I have used it everyday ever since and it still look just as good. I used to buy cheaper bags all the time and when I worked out how much they all added up to in a year I was shocked it was cheaper for me to buy the Mulberry!

    • Glad you pointed this out Stacey – I never buy high street bays unless I’m going to a wedding for example and don’t have an appropriate clutch. I much prefer to buy one or two bags a year that I will love forever – like you I use mine everyday and they just get better with age 🙂


  3. Rebecca:: Mulberry factory shop in Shepton Mallet, nr Bath. OMG – I went in there as I was in the area on a work trip and I bought my Mitzy tan hobo bag SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than it is online. They knock literally £100’s off the prices and they have an amazing range. Plus they also have a lovely teashop for a cup of tea and a cake after! Seriously, it is well worth a day trip if you have an expensive bag purchase in mind! Pus they also sell clothes, scarves, shoes and wallets there. It is totes amazeballs x x x

  4. I love the tote and the satchel both in Nude, although the leopard print is gorgeous too. I love Mulberry, bought the Emmy a few years ago and it is still my favourite bag. The leather just wears so well. I think if I win this weekends lottery I’ll be buying an Alexa.

  5. I also love Flo’s fave too – simply gorgeous!

    Why, oh why did you have to post this Rebecca, just seeing the amazing Mulberry bags makes me lust after the grey Alexa even more 😉


  6. Seriously loving the Harriet satchel in nude! Am also quite drawn to the green colour too as it’s so unusual and eye catching.

    I’ve never had the pleasure of owning a mulberry bag but am hoping that one day I will have saved enough pennies to treat myself 

    Or win the lottery…

  7. 1st choice Navy – a classic.

    2nd choice Nude – mix and match with everything.

    With the amount of stuff I carry around with me…it has to be the Tote all the way.

    And as my mother says (and we know they are always right…)

    “Buy cheap…buy twice.”

    With the number of bags I go through…I think an investment bag is the way forward. Plus…if I have a little girl, (25 weeks pregnant at the minute!) when she turns 30 – it’ll be an amazing vintage find!


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