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I have been excited about writing today’s post for what feels like months and this weekend I finally got my hands on a copy of Style Me Vintage: Weddings. I don’t normally write about weddings these days, but this wasn’t hard to make an exception for as it was written by my friend and fellow blogger, Annabel Beeforth of Love My Dress, a wedding blog with ‘a focus on vintage, retro, glamorous, chic and elegant content.’

Way back when I was a wedding blogger (at Rock My Wedding,) I had 2 big goals. 1. I wanted to be featured in Grazia magazine (just because it was my favourite magazine,) and 2. I wanted to write a book. I’ve always taken great pleasure in blogging as an industry and being a part of it as it advances and develops, particularly in the UK, so although it wasn’t me who eventually wrote that book, it gives me no end of pleasure that it’s my friend Annabel who takes that prize and deservedly so.

Annabel is one of the hardest working wedding bloggers out there. Anybody who thinks full time professional blogging is a cushy job really doesn’t know enough about what’s involved. Sure there are perks and glitzy industry events, but nine times out of ten you arrive knackered after the usual slog of prepping blog posts and the part of the job that really takes over, the administration behind the scenes of answering emails and actually running a blog as a business. To add writing a book to that is a massive workload so my hat really goes off to Annabel for pulling it off.

The book, as the title suggests, focuses on vintage wedding style, breaking it down by decade and this is where Annabel really shows off the incredible knowledge she has developed as an expert in vintage style. There are real vintage style weddings and inspirational styled images. Each chapter also has sections on perfecting every aspect of your look for an authentic take on vintage inspired, with beauty, fashion, stationery and decor touches to complete the look.

And what a job Annabel has done. I love a good coffee table book – for me they have to be beautiful to hold and beautifully illustrated. Annabel ensured that when she enlisted Joanna Brown who has captured the images which really are of the highest quality and completely breathtaking in places. Special mention goes to Michelle Kelly, (my colleague at Dream Find Do,) and founder of Pocketful of Dreams, who styled the images to ‘create distinct decor elements that would bring each era to life’ with her impeccable eye and managed to make vintage very very modern. Zoe Lem takes credit for the fashion picks and styling.

For me the triumph of this book is in its genuine display of knowledge, collection of real historical references and then the incredibly thoughtful respresentation of those eras presented in the inspiration images.

You can find Style Me Vintage: Weddings on Amazon – if you need to buy a gift for a bride to be that you know, if she likes vintage style then I guarantee she’ll love it. 🙂

Well Done Annabel!


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10 thoughts on “Spotted: Style Me Vintage Weddings

  1. Dear Rebecca,

    I can’t thank you enough for your kind and very thoughtfully considered review of my book. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard as I did when writing and researching and working as part of a big team producing images for Style Me Vintage Weddings. For me, this represents a dream come true – I have always wanted to write a book – I really do pinch myself every day about it. It has also been the most wonderful experiences in terms of personal development, and reinforced more than ever the belief I hold close to my heart, that if you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen!

    It really does bring me such pleasure now to be able to share this book with you and I’m so pleased you have enjoyed it.

    Thank you too for referencing other members of the team I worked with – who all put their hearts and souls in to this project.

    The book, if I may say so myself, really is a beautiful product and I’m very proud of it indeed.

    Thank you again Rebecca, I’m so looking forward to celebrating this achievement with you next month 🙂

    Annabel xXX

  2. It looks great Annabel. I read your wedding back on YAYW years ago and I was in awe of what you achieved then, with your own wedding, let alone now with a shiny book out! 🙂 and while I don’t read your blog (it’s nothing personal, I just fell so out of love with weddings due to the stress of my own), I can only wish you every success in the future with everything because you work so hard and it so very much shows here!

    Thanks for sharing Rebecca xxx

  3. Many congratulations, I recently bought your book and think it really is fab when I went and sought it out in my local Waterstones I actually squealed with delight!! – I did get a few funny looks I can tell ya!!
    I have just launched my own little wedding blog dedicated to Wales and South West and completely agree with you Rebecca lot’s of people think my life is cushy – I really love what I do and wouldn’t change a thing but I don’t think people are aware of what goes on behind the scenes!!!

    Well done again and nice to chat with both of you lovely ladies

    Helen xx

    • Would it surprise you to know that I squealed too the first time I spotted my book in Waterstones? 😉

      You are very right about the behind the scenes comment! Sleep is a thing of the past!

      Thank you so much for buying a copy of my book Helen XX

    • That’s so very lovely of you to say Julie – thank you so much! Worked really hard to make it a helpful resource. Adding to the supplier section now for the next re-print infact! 😉

  4. Oh gosh I’m married and I still want this book! Love my dress was my go to place when wedding planning and I still have a sneaky look on there now. One of my best friends is getting married next year and this would be a perfect present for her as she begins planning her big day.

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