Spotted: Secret Linen Store Kids!

You all know I love the Secret Linen Store. Modern designs and great quality at competitive prices. Now I’m very excited to say they have extended their talents to kids bedding and it’s just as inspired as the original range.

We’re not yet at the stage of needing ‘big bed’ linen but when we do I have already shuddered at the thought of character emblazoned kids bedding or pretty pretty ditzy florals and cliched cars and space ships. These designs feel fresh, modern and on trend enough to keep stylish parents happy, while in bright and striking colours that kids will love too!

I love the stylish grey stripes and fun teal bubbles!

What do you think readers? Would your big kids like these?


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9 thoughts on “Spotted: Secret Linen Store Kids!

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I too was adamant that my little boy would not be having a hideous character duvet cover, but alas, sometimes you can’t reason with a two year old and when he starts hating his lovely stripy Ikea covers and starts waking up in the night having tantrums about his covers, you give in and find yourself buying a Thomas the Tank Engine cover…

  2. I think these designs are lovely (for a child, teen or adult) but I have to say I adored my My Little Pony, Fireman Sam and Postman Pat covers as a child. I used to tell my parents bed time stories based on the pillow case designs and have many fond memories.

  3. Yep hate to say it but these just won’t do for kids – though once they hit teenager I suspect these will become acceptable. Embrace the garish – it’s the one time you can get away with it in your home!

    • I agree, can only entice my little boy into bed with his ‘diggers’ or ‘Thomas’ bedding. Style will have to come later I think, 2 and a half year olds are very adamant!

  4. Although the designs you have picked out are lovely, I have to agree with previous posters that ‘garish’ designs are the ones kids love and gravitate towards. I’d give in to it if I were you, they are only young once. Plus it’s an early stage of letting them develop their own taste!

    I loved my Rainbow Brite curtains, bedspread and My Little Pony rug. They were awesome

  5. I think this range is wonderful and I’d definitely get some for A, the stars would be perfect in his room! đŸ˜€ xx

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