Spotted: Mr & Mrs Smith At Home

For quite some time now I have disregarded paint as a decorating medium (well ‘coloured paint’ at least,) as out of favour. Perhaps as a result of fully embracing the feature wall trend that washed over us several years ago, more recently I’ve opted for patterned wallpaper or pale and neutral paints as a backdrop to my home. In the last few months though, I’ve noticed myself leaning towards statement walls in rich, bold and elegant shades, so it’s no surprise that taste makers Mr & Mrs Smith have launched a paint range At Home, inspired by their stylish boutique boltholes.

Divided into three collections, each designed to evoke the feel of destinations around the globe, each one provides an easy to combine palette for design led traditional and modern interiors.

The Coastal collection is, as you would expect, full of blues, but not just your traditional seaside shades, referencing sparkling Mediterranean seas, and the North American atlantic coast with stormy shades.

For the country, expect your usual Farrow and Ball-esque chalky tones and earthy neutrals, with a surprise pop of ochre and forest green, perfect for period interiors.

City shades are rich, glamourous and sexy with modern greys and pops of red nodding towards oriental lacquer and North African medinas. All the colours are a deep matt, low odour and eco-friendly. Even cleverer, instead of ordering paint pots to test, M&MS provide an iPatch adhesive rectangle of colour to test in your home without leaving residue – particularly great for removing the issue of testing darker shades and leaving messy patches that take coat after coat of paint to cover.

The paints are available from Colour & Paint online. What do you think readers. Do you use paints in your home decor?


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7 thoughts on “Spotted: Mr & Mrs Smith At Home

  1. A timely post Rebecca! We are trying to agree on whether to paint or paper the rooms in our new house, historically I have always gone with paint. I honestly can’t remember ever picking wallpaper for a room.

    With the new house we will be going with a mix and coloured paint will definitely feature. Some of the rooms are so big with lots of light that I am looking forward to some bold colours. For me it all gets a bit complicated when I think about the rooms we have that have both a dado rail and a picture rail, should the colour be at the bottom only, or the bottom and the middle? I know there are no rules but it’s confusing me! xx

  2. These look interesting, especially the blues. We’re in the middle of moving to a new, much larger place and we typically paint walls rather than wallpaper. Will check the ipatch out!

  3. Oh the patch things sounds like a perfect idea! Taking not and will certainly be looking this post back up when we get our new home.

  4. Big Thanks to Florence for including us in the blog post.
    We have a Free Colour Testing offer on at come over and have a look. Just select an iPatch colour from any of our palettes and get free delivery on iPatch plus your money back when you next buy paint: £2.00 per tin off every order before 31st December 2013*

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